Event: Afrocenchix Presents #HairCare101 – The Launch

A few years ago I went to an Afrocenchix event. It was one of the first natural hair events my sister and I went to in London. I remember it vividly because it rained heavily and I had no coat so I got drenched. I also remember finally arriving and the place was packed with  ladies all wanting to know more information about being natural.

Fast forward to last Saturday, I ended up going to the Afrocenchix Hair Care 101 launch event. I was a bit sceptical about going because I’ve been natural for just over 4 years. However a friend of mine from Southampton wanted to go and sent me the link and I agreed. The launch event was held in a lovely venue in Kensington. Continue reading


January Recap: Change and Growth


Hi guys,

It’s been ages since we last blogged! Last year was definitely a busy year and we both had to adjust. Muji was pursuing her career and it took her across the country and I was busy trying to pursue my career goals and do several other things at the same time and one of the things that suffered was blogging. Even though I am a scientist by background, I am a very creative person and I enjoy things like writing and photography to name a few. I didn’t spend much time doing these things last year  and having a creative outlet so this year I wanted to change that. Plus I missed blogging!

So 2016 – January recap. I started a new job on Christmas eve, the day after I left my previous job, so January was all about adjusting to to this life change. Continue reading

Natural Hair|All (Marley)Twisted Up

Hi all,

Happy Monday! It’s a grey Monday in London today but I’m still on a hype following the great weather at the weekend!

Marley Twists

A few weeks ago I decided to install Marley Twists into my hair. I was tired of wearing my hair out all the time and felt like I needed a change. Also I needed to protective style my hair. Although I had my hair twisted earlier in the year which I kept in for a month, I’ve been inspired by all the fabulous ladies rocking their Marley twists on Instagram and Pinterest.

Continue reading

Natural Hair|Curly Nikki Feature: ‘Create your own standard of beauty.’


Hi y’all,

Its been a long while and I’m so sorry! In April, whilst I was in the Netherlands I was featured on Curly Nikki! Woop Woop! I was so excited as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CN! However I was away at the time, I havent had time to update the blog and also my laptop has been broken for a while so I’ve been living the laptop-less life for a while now! Living laptop-less in this day and age is not easy!

Incase you missed my post on Curly Nikki, check it out here! A preview of the post is below:

This year I’ll be 4 years natural (Woop Woop!!). When I first went natural I never thought I’d reach this milestone so I’m glad I’m still loving my natural hair!

Three years ago I decided to chop of my chemically straightened hair and remain with my natural curly kinky hair. I had long, thick, chemically straightened hair for a very long time (the last time I had an afro was when I was a child and I don’t remember it very well), so I was used to seeing my hair straight.

More posts are coming so stay tuned!

Till next time,


Natural Hair| Guest Post on Imparfait Treasure

Hi y’all,

I hope you are having a great Monday! I certainly am, not because anything great in particular is happening/has happened but just that I try to start the week as I mean to go on – positively.

Pic 1

Just a quick note so say I have written a guest article for my lovely friend Essie over at Imparfait Treasure on Natural Hair and the Standards of Beauty. Have a look here.

Have lovely Monday!


Life Notes| New Year Resolutions/Goals?

Closed BookHi everyone,

Hope you are well!

It’s been a few weeks and there have been a lot of life changes that have happened! For one my sister and co-blogger Mujina has moved cities! She now resides in the lovely city of Southampton for work. So change has been keeping us busy, but change is good!

So I have been reflecting on the fact that March is coming to an end very soon. Which means the first quarter of the year is over. Continue reading