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I am a blogger, currently residing in London. I love hair and beauty!! I’m passionate about growing healthy, natural hair. This is a space for me to express the challenges and successes along my natural journey as I try to reach my natural hair goals while aiming to inspire others along the way. It’s also a space for me to discuss and explore what beauty is and what it means to me. Black hair CAN grow! 🙂


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Hi all! A natural hair enthusiast who’s just trying to figure out life. I tend to neglect my hair a bit so I’m hoping through blogging I can develop better hair practices. I’m also trying to take better care of my body so I’ll be sharing that as well.

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Email: mynaturalnotebook@gmail.com

Twitter: @naturalnotebook

Pinterest: @naturalnotebook

Facebook: My Natural Notebook


5 thoughts on “About us.

  1. Ah I just stumbled upon your blog! It’s good to see other London naturals. I’m based in London too! (the South East how about you guys?) My blog is trying to promote 4C hair texture in particular. Do support if you can! @curlybola

  2. I’m new to your blog but I’m really enjoying it! I do enjoy how you’ve done a post on hair terminology which I found to be new as I’ve never seen that before.

    Check out my blog as I also blog about hair and will be soon posting my DIY receipts.

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