Event: Afrocenchix Presents #HairCare101 – The Launch

A few years ago I went to an Afrocenchix event. It was one of the first natural hair events my sister and I went to in London. I remember it vividly because it rained heavily and I had no coat so I got drenched. I also remember finally arriving and the place was packed with  ladies all wanting to know more information about being natural.

Fast forward to last Saturday, I ended up going to the Afrocenchix Hair Care 101 launch event. I was a bit sceptical about going because I’ve been natural for just over 4 years. However a friend of mine from Southampton wanted to go and sent me the link and I agreed. The launch event was held in a lovely venue in Kensington. When I walked in I was greeted with smiling faces and a round of human bingo to break the ice. Once this was completed, we sat down and there was a snack box on our chair filled with healthy snacks to keep our energy up throughout the first afternoon (so thoughtful!).

IMG_1563The first session was run by Stephanie Sey, a Consultant trichologist who went through the components of a healthy diet and how that affects our hair growth. It was a very informative session and I learnt a lot. I even spoke to her afterwards about some issues I had with my hair, particularly moisture retention. Check out her website for more information as she is very helpful and knowledgeable.

The next session was a mythbuster session where Jocelyn and Rachael the founders of Afrocenchix, (Rachael is also a trichologist) went through common myths about afro hair (e.g Is Afro hair unmanageable) and the audience were encouraged to participate.


Joycelyn and Rachael also talked us through their regimens and their protective styling techniques and we were encouraged to fill in a “Hair Goals” sheet. I found this useful because setting a goal for my hair is something I hadn’t done yet for this year and I am keen to have more hair length retention!


The final session was with Vlogger Chiaka Valentina who talked us through her protective styling routine and also demonstrated an easy style on one audience member. Throughout the event you could buy their products and also get involved in their social media campaign #MyNaturalHairCare.


This was a launch event for their Hair 101 sessions that they will be holding regularly. These will be hands on sessions held with approximately 10 or more women and it will be a chance for new naturals or women transitioning to get to ask questions and learn the practicalities about being natural from women who have been there.


When I went to the event, I didn’t know what to expect however I didn’t plan on being reminded why I started blogging in the first place. Rachael and Jocelyn are two women who are passionate about providing natural hair products with great ingredients and empowering women to accept their natural beauty, especially younger ladies. I’ve written before on the blog about these issues and it was refreshing to hear them talk about that. Particularly how even though they like the straight hair look, they choose not to wear it because by wearing their natural hair it empowers other women to see that it can be done. This particular topic is something my sister and I talk about all the time. I feel like I can’t wear straight hair now as I’ve seen the positive impact that wearing my hair out has had on my younger sister (who now rocks her natural hair with pride) and friends around me who have now gone natural. We forget how just by being yourself you can empower others to try something similar. Attending the event made me want to support their brand as I believe in the ethos that they stand for, plus I tried some of the samples from the goody bag and they smell amazing! I bought their shampoo and I will review it once I’ve tried it.

All in all I recommend that if you are newly natural or thinking about transitioning that you check out their Hair 101 event. Their sessions are informative and you will be able to ask questions in a comfortable environment. You will also be able to speak to a trichologist about particular hair issues, e.g dry flaky scalp, hair loss etc. It is worth it an you will not be disappointed!

Find more information about Afrocenchix here.


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