January Recap: Change and Growth


Hi guys,

It’s been ages since we last blogged! Last year was definitely a busy year and we both had to adjust. Muji was pursuing her career and it took her across the country and I was busy trying to pursue my career goals and do several other things at the same time and one of the things that suffered was blogging. Even though I am a scientist by background, I am a very creative person and I enjoy things like writing and photography to name a few. I didn’t spend much time doing these things last year  and having a creative outlet so this year I wanted to change that. Plus I missed blogging!

So 2016 – January recap. I started a new job on Christmas eve, the day after I left my previous job, so January was all about adjusting to to this life change.I took a risk and changed jobs because I wanted my role to be aligned to the career I want to pursue. Like most people I find change a bit unsettling, but I thought this change would be easy. WRONG! It was a challenging position to be in because there was alot of uncertainty – would i like this job? what would the team be like? would I be good at it? what if I made a mistake? It was a humbling experience because my fears and insecurities were magnified and brought to the surface. It was a growing experience because I had to tackle these head on to move past them. Safe to say a month in, the risk was worth it and Im so glad I took that leap. Staying in your comfort zone feels nice and safe, but for there to be progress and for you to grow you need to leave your comfort zone.

January was also the month that I successfully drove on the motorway! This will sound like a weird one but driving on the motorway was a goal of mine. I passed my driving test 2 years ago and in August last year I started driving a bit more regularly. After getting used to driving locally, I felt that the last hurdle was being able to drive on the motorway as that would give me a lot of freedom. So my friend was having a christening in Birmingham, I agreed to attend and I convinced my dad to take me out on the motorway the day before. I was convinced I could do it (even though people told me I couldn’t)  and I did it, even though it was a bit scary! Its such an accomplishment to challenge yourself to do something new and succeed. I am now a fully fledged driver!

January was the month a family friend passed away and this was actually very challenging. It made me reflect a lot on the fragility of life and the importance of being present in the moment and spending time with those you love. It also made me realise the importance of thinking of and spending time with others who would appreciate someone taking the time to spend with them. As he was a christian, it was encouraging to know that he is in heaven and in a better place.

January was also the month I changed my flat decor. Again, it doesn’t sound like a big deal bit its so important for your environment to comfortable and inspiring. So making minor changes (with the help of places like IKEA) has made such a huge difference. Family and friends who have visited my flat love the changes I’ve made.

These are just a few examples of the changes I faced in January, some bigger than others and through all of these experiences I grew and developed. Here are a few lessons Ive learnt:

  • Your faith is important. When everything is changing God stays constant and being in his word is an encouragement. Hebrews 4 v 14 – 16 has been such an encouragement to me.
  • Your support system is so important. Having people on your team who can laugh with you, cry with you and encourage you especially in moments that are unsettling and reveal your vulnerabilities is SO important. Thank you to you special people who were there for me in my moments of vulnerability this month 🙂
  • Don’t be scared to take a risk if it will take you closer to your goal. I’m not saying be reckless, but do take calculated risks when appropriate. The comfort zone is cozy but you will have to leave it at some point.
  • Challenge yourself regularly with something new. Keep constantly learning.
  • Small changes make a difference

Hope this has been helpful. What are some of the changes and areas you grown in so far in 2016?

Til the next blog post,



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