5 Tips Before You Move


I’ve recently moved twice in the last 6 months. Not to worry both moves were planned, but along the way I learnt some helpful tips I’m happy to pass on. So if like me you’ve faced a big move recently or are preparing for one, here are 5 Tips Before You Move. 

1 – Make a list

Moving is going to be a stressful experience. Whether it goes smoothly or not, the prospect of changing routines, environments and simply the prospect of starting anew will affect you. Make your life easier – write a list. Listing items that you need to take will focus your mind and there is nothing more satisfying than getting to tick those items off as you pack.

As someone who is fast becoming a serial lodger and has moved twice within the last 6 months my list usually is in these headings which can be subdivided like the first one is: Electronics (laptop, hairdryer, phone charger, usb cables and camera), Kitchen, Clothes, Office/books, Shoes and Toiletries. This list may seem short but is in fact all you generally need.

2 – Don’t take all your clothes

Seriously, you know you don’t wear all of them. We all gravitate to our own definition of a uniform – mine is fast becoming jeans and a shirt – so don’t take clothes with you that you won’t wear. Donate them or sell them but don’t take them with you, all they’ll do is take up space.

**This principle can be applied to anything, including those high heels you swear you’ll wear again but we both know were strictly for uni days.Ergo a move’s a great excuse to have a clear out.

3 – Get a Young Persons Railcard

Travel is paramount and if like me you rely on public transport, try to take advantage of travel deals before you arrive. So get that young person’s rail card to save 1/3 on rail travel around England, get the oyster card if you’re in London or that local monthly bus ticket. Often these can take time to get to you so the earlier you request one the more likely it is to be there when you first need it.

4 – Braid your hair

This is a natural hair blog after all, so my moving hair advice is to get braids. Protective styling affords you a level of convenience like no other. So now might be the time to put the hair away for a while until you’ve mastered your new routine.

5 – Save, save, save

Whether you’re off to university or like me moved away from home, remember that moving often can mean increased expenditure so when you can, make sure to put something away in case you need it. It doesn’t have to be a big amount, just start the habit of saving and soon you’ll be surprised how much you’ve tucked away.

Since you made it to the end my bonus tip is where to look for a place to live. Linked are two sites, which I have used to find somewhere to lodge: Christian Flat Share and Spare Room. Make sure to follow the site rules though, finding people to live with can sometimes get tricky.

Me on moving day. Yes I did take more than this small suitcase!

Despite the very real moving pains you’ll soon settle in, so happy moving.



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