Natural Hair|All (Marley)Twisted Up

Hi all,

Happy Monday! It’s a grey Monday in London today but I’m still on a hype following the great weather at the weekend!

Marley Twists

A few weeks ago I decided to install Marley Twists into my hair. I was tired of wearing my hair out all the time and felt like I needed a change. Also I needed to protective style my hair. Although I had my hair twisted earlier in the year which I kept in for a month, I’ve been inspired by all the fabulous ladies rocking their Marley twists on Instagram and Pinterest.

This was my third time attempting to do Marley Twists myself. The first time I did them, about 2 years ago, I did them too big and was not feeling eth finished look. In fact I took them down after a week. I was so self-conscious about them. I tried them again last year when I went on holiday to Greece and I loved them. They were simple to put in and great for being on holiday as they were low hassle. So I was really excited to put them in . I tried a brand that I hadn’t used before from Sensationnel. I bought 4 packs as I have a lot of hair and thought it’s better to have more hair than to run out of hair.

Marley Twists

Marley Twists

I then watched a few different videos on YouTube (Just type in Marley Twists and you will find loads of tutorials). Different people have different techniques but I found that starting the twists off with a short braid to secure the extension prior to twisting was easier for me than twisting both sides from the root.

Before braiding I made sure to do the following to prep my hair:

  • Used coconut oil as a pre-poo the night before
  • Washed, detangled and deep conditioned my hair
  • Blow dried my hair on medium heat, using a comb attachment and Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray. This spray is the best heat protectant I’ve used so far. Not only did it smell amazing it was light and didn’t leave a residue on my hair.

After following those steps, my hair was stretched and ready to  braid. Before starting I made sure I had a comb and some clips and I was good to go. Before braiding I applied a little bit of Cantu Shea Butter for natural hair Twist and Lock Gel (I’m currently loving this) on the section of hair  and then I braided about an inch before twisting the rest. 6 and a half hours later I was done.

Marley Twists

I’m definitely getting better each time and I think next time I will do smaller sections . I’ve had them in for 3 weeks now and they’re saving me so much time in the morning. I make sure to continue to take care of my hair in the twists and not be lazy with it. One thing I will say is the itching is very real at the beginning! Next time I’ll try washing the extensions in Apple Cider Vinegar as I’ve seen online that other people have tried it and it reduces the itching as it washes away any chemicals that might be in the hair (fun times).

Marley Twists

Apart from that, I’m loving them! Have you tried Marley twists before? Let me know below!

Til next time,



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