Natural Hair|Curly Nikki Feature: ‘Create your own standard of beauty.’


Hi y’all,

Its been a long while and I’m so sorry! In April, whilst I was in the Netherlands I was featured on Curly Nikki! Woop Woop! I was so excited as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CN! However I was away at the time, I havent had time to update the blog and also my laptop has been broken for a while so I’ve been living the laptop-less life for a while now! Living laptop-less in this day and age is not easy!

Incase you missed my post on Curly Nikki, check it out here! A preview of the post is below:

This year I’ll be 4 years natural (Woop Woop!!). When I first went natural I never thought I’d reach this milestone so I’m glad I’m still loving my natural hair!

Three years ago I decided to chop of my chemically straightened hair and remain with my natural curly kinky hair. I had long, thick, chemically straightened hair for a very long time (the last time I had an afro was when I was a child and I don’t remember it very well), so I was used to seeing my hair straight.

More posts are coming so stay tuned!

Till next time,



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