Life Notes| New Year Resolutions/Goals?

Closed BookHi everyone,

Hope you are well!

It’s been a few weeks and there have been a lot of life changes that have happened! For one my sister and co-blogger Mujina has moved cities! She now resides in the lovely city of Southampton for work. So change has been keeping us busy, but change is good!

So I have been reflecting on the fact that March is coming to an end very soon. Which means the first quarter of the year is over. Now at the beginning of the year we all get excited, we all have that ‘New Year. New Me’ mentality and set a whole load of New Year’s Resolutions hoping that somehow we will become these better versions of ourselves. We are full of optimism and promise as we are excited about the year ahead.

We are three months into the year, how are you doing? Have you broken all of your resolutions? Have you kept some of them? At the beginning of the year I made a list of 12 goals ranging from physical, career related, financial and spiritual. I wanted to write goals instead of resolutions because I wanted to them to be realistic and to give myself a chance of actually achieving them instead of them being aspirations. I also wanted to give myself enough time to be able to accomplish them. I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to be this new person or accomplish all these new things without putting in place the framework for them to actually happen. 3 months in I can honestly say I am making progress on all of them. Some more than others but progress is better than no progress.

So you might be at a place where you’ve broken your new year’s resolution or you are behind and are feeling discouraged, but I just wanted to say that there is still time! You have 9 months left of the year to achieve what you want to achieve in 2015. So here are some tips that have helped me so far:

  • Write your goals down! Make sure they are out of your head and on paper. This makes them real and not just an idea in your head.
  • Remind yourself of your goals. This ties into the first point. It can’t be out of sight, out of mind. If you are constantly reminding yourself of your goals it is easier to stay motivated
  • Are your goals SMART? I’m sure we have all heard this before but are your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.
  • Make your goals simple. Break your goal down into simple steps that you are able to accomplish and this makes them less daunting and more achievable.
  • Surround yourself with inspiration. There are so many places online that you can get inspiration from people working towards the same goals as you. For example if you have a fitness goal, follow people for example, on Instagram who are dedicated to achieving their fitness goals as that will make you feel as you are not alone.
  • Give yourself a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have had a lapse or if you are progressing slower than you think you should. Every little bit counts.
  • Keep the end goal in mind. Have a reason why the goal is important to you as they will motivate you to keep working towards it.
  • Seek help/information. There is so much information out there. If your goal involves something that you don’t know how to do by yourself find information online or find someone who can help.
  • Keep going until you accomplish your goals.

Those are a few of my tips, they are things I have been doing so far this year that have been helping me. Whatever the state of your goals, there’s still time to achieve them.

There’s no time like the present! 🙂

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