Review| Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner


So towards the end of last year, I was sent a care package by my really good friend which included all sorts of goodies from body stuff to hair stuff. I have never received a care package before so I was absolutely GEEKED about this! I do plan to send her a care package as well one of these days as I think they’re great!

In the package to my surprise I saw the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner. I have never used these products before but have heard LOADS, as I’m sure you have too, about Shea Moisture and the line online. The only product I tried previously from Shea Moisture was the Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie so I was excited to try other products from the line.

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo

Featured Ingredients:

Coconut Oil – Hydrates and protects hair while reducing breakage. Silk Protein – Smoothes hair for a soft, silky feel. Neem Oil – Controls frizz while adding brilliant shine.

Ingredients List

Deionized Water, Dacyl Glucoside (Coconut Oil), Cocos Nucifera(Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Vitamin E, Melia Azadirachta (Need ) Seed Oil, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (Coconut Oil),Panthenol (Vitamin B-5), Rosemary Extracts, Silk Protein, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Guar Gum, Stearic Acid, Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower (and) Lonicera Japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle) Flower Extract Product promises:

Usage Instructions

Apply to wet hair and gently massage into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Now I notoriously struggle with finding shampoos my hair likes. I shampoo my hair once a week usually (due to my frequent use of Shea butter) however, I would like to cut this down to twice a month. Most shampoos strip my hair and I hate the feeling. A shampoo my hair loved was the Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo which was awesome (I loved the deep treatment masque too) but this line is also pricey, well for me anyway. So when I finished the massive bottle I got from TK Maxx, I started trying other shampoos and none really jumped out at me until this one.

I really really like this shampoo. It’s not stripping at all. Plus the shampoo has some slip so I can gently detangle my hair with it to get the shed hair out first before doing my detangling step with a conditioner. My hair feels so clean and moisturised after using it. I also LOVE the smell. I’m not great at describing scents but my nose knows what smells nice and this smells amazing. I would definitely repurchase this item. I don’t know if it works the same in your household, but there are 4 women in my family (including me) who are now all natural (YAS!! That’s a different post all together) and when I buy/make something, the whole “clan” uses it. This has now become everyone’s favourite shampoo. My sister Mujina (co-author of Natural Notebook) has even repurchased it for herself.

Natural Notebook rating: 4/5


Featured Ingredients

Coconut Oil – hydrates and protects hair while reducing breakage. Silk Protein – smooths hair for a soft, silky feel. Neem Oil – controls frizz while adding brilliant shine.

Ingredients List

Deionized Water, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut ) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Sorbitol Esters, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter*, Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive ) Fuit Oil*, Cetyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B-5), Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Silk Protein, Aloe Barbedenis Leaf Extract, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Seed Oil, Rosemary Extract, Caprylyl Glycol *Certified Organic Ingredients

Usage Instructions

After shampooing, apply generously and comb through for even distribution. Leave in for 3 minutes. Rinse. Style as desired.

  Now when it comes to conditioners I typically use a deep conditioner once a week because my hair gets really dry. I either use a store bought one or I just whip one up. I also use a cheapie conditioner to detangle my hair. I used to use Treseme naturals but since they changed their formula, my hair doesn’t really like it. My hair currently is loving Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine conditioner as a cheapie conditioner and it finished at the time I received the Shea Moisture conditioner.

The conditioner has a creamy consistency and the directions are for you to leave it on your hair for 3 minutes before washing it out. Now I was confused with the conditioner because it wasn’t a deep conditioner but it did condition your hair. I personally didn’t absolutely love this conditioner as I felt like it didn’t have enough slip for my liking. However it did make my hair feel moisturised after I washed it out. I loved the smell though. I wouldn’t repurchase this conditioner myself but I think it is a good conditioner all in all, my hair just wasn’t a huge fan. Mujina however loved the conditioner and felt like it was great when used for wash and gos. She did a wash and go with it and her calls were all defined, her hair was moisturised and it looked AWESOME. It made me want to try a wash and go, I haven’t done one since I bog chopped.

Natural Notebook rating: 3.5/5

Have you tried the Shea Moisture line? What products have you loved? What do you think about the Coconut and Hibiscus line?

Till next time, God bless! 🙂



One thought on “Review| Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. Thank you for the review. I hear silk proteins is essential for natural hair.
    I hope I get to try this one day.
    For now, I am loving the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Range.

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