DIY| My Winter Hair Care Shea Butter Mix



So I’m pretty sure we are all in the midst of winter, unless you are somewhere in the southern hemisphere like Australia that is currently experiencing their summer – lucky for some! With winter comes dry hair, due to the lack of humidity in the air (the air is very dry) so the moisture in your hair escapes into the air.

Now my hair is naturally dry, it generally loses moisture quite quickly so in the winter time it’s even worse. If I get lazy with my routine for even a day, I can end up with some crusty looking hair which is not ideal when you have work the next day! What’s been getting me through these months, especially as I have my hair out instead of braided up, is a combination of my favourite leave in condition, Cantu Shea Butter, and my home made Shea Butter Mix which has been keeping my hair moisturised throughout this dry season. I’ve previously written about Shea Butter but I don’t think I really realised how great of a substance it was until recently. Shea butter is good for the soothing the scalp, it is a great sealant and locks moisture in and it is great at softening the hair as it penetrates the hair quite easily and has moisturizing tendencies.

Around September I had some free time and I decided to be more of a mixtress and make some DIY products, starting with a Shea Butter Mix. I usually get my unrefined Shea butter from Shea Butter Cottage (love this online store) but I used Akoma for the first time and received my Shea Butter quite quickly. The recipe I used was based on Naptural 85’s video (love all her videos). I only made the fluffy mix because I wanted to use it as a sealant and styling agent. I find if I use thick butters, my twist outs and braidouts are on point! Trust me! I will try to make her creamy mix next time because it’s a bit looser and from looking at some of her videos, works well for styling as well.

Ingredients/tools I used :

  • Shea butter (I bought 1kg and used 3/4 for my hair mix and 1/4 for my body mix)
  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Vitamin E capsules (I couldn’t find the oil at the time)
  • Hand blender
  • Plastic containers
  • Baking whip
  • Spoons





I followed Naptural’s directions but substituted the ingredients I had in my house. All the oils I used have great benefits for the hair so it means every time you use your mix, your hair is getting some TLC. Some people like to add essential oils for fragrance (as the smell of shea butter is distinct, however is dissipates quite easily) or their healing properties, e.g tea tree or lavender but I just used what I had in the house. Now to be honest I used approximations when measuring my ingredients so don’t be too alarmed if you put in a tad bit more of something.  If I can make this mix, you can too!


I made about 6 containers full of my hair mix and I had enough shea butter left over to make about 2 bottles of a body butter with it. I was SO excited! I gave away my hair mix to my family and friends and it’s been very well received. I’ve been getting some great feedback from everyone and my sisters and friends keep bugging me to make more because it lasts for a long time, you don’t need much of it and its good for your hair and skin.  My brother has been using the body butter on his skin and hair as well and has also given me some positive feedback.

To use it I make sure I section my hair, spray the section with water, put in my leave in and then seal with my Shea butter mix. That means the hair strands are moisturised and the moisture is locked in with that thick final layer. I also make sure to wash my hair once a week so that I don’t have too much build up. I need to whip up another batch as I am running out of my last container!

Do you like Shea Butter? Have you tried making a Shea Butter mix before? What ways do you use it?

Till next time, God bless! 🙂



2 thoughts on “DIY| My Winter Hair Care Shea Butter Mix

  1. Yes!! I love shea butter and thanks to your mix my hair and skin have been doing great. Like you, I spray so water on my hair and use shea butter to seal in moisture. I also love using the shea mix on my feet before bed to keep them nice and soft. Thank you. ES X X

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