Hair Care in the New Year: UNCOMPLICATED

Zambia 50th pic

Although we’re a few weeks in I think its only appropriate to greet you with a Happy New Year!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, The New Year brought with it an urge to play in my hair. Unsurprising because in 2014 I set out with grand plans. Except when life seems to be running ahead and leaving you behind, the last thing you’re thinking about is haircare.

Instead I mostly wore my hair in a bun, overcomplicated hair care and as a result at times was guilty of neglecting or simply not doing my hair. Whilst avoiding “doing my hair” I did learn that wider life, whether it’s fighting for that dream career after graduation (ahem me), chores like cooking and cleaning, jobs, commitments, health and family, all unwittingly formed part of my hair journey.

So I go into the New Year armed with this understanding. This time round, no grand plans just the uncomplicated resolution to play in my hair. To reaffirm the reason I went natural in the first place for ease, versatility and fun. But also as a resolve to privilege my viewpoint- through my hair- above undue influences, which I’ve discovered requires continued resolve.

Talk to you soon!


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