A whole lot of 2014!

IMG_5650Hi all,

A few weeks ago I was in Nottingham, photographing a wedding with my close friend and fellow awesome blogger Essie, who took these lovely photos of me! She has been bugging me throughout the year to start blogging again, so armed with these photos, that captured by bomb braidout, I promised I would blog again.

This year has been filled with a lot of change for me personally and if you are a regular reader of this blog, you would have seen a lack of regular posts this year. Due to a lot that was happening in my life, I didn’t feel inspired to post or attend events. This year I have laughed, I have cried but amongst all that, I have grown. As the year has been coming to an end, I have been reflecting a lot about this year and I thought I’d share 10 lessons I’ve learnt throughout the year.

1. God is faithful

I’ll start the list off with one of the most important lessons I have learnt (again) this year. I have had some very difficult moments this past year, and have been in some situations that have left me feeling quite helpless. However even when I felt helpless, God was my help in my time of need. When I felt weak, He was my strength. When I felt I could not continue, He gave me rest. When I felt alone, He reminded me that I am never alone. When I was sad, in Him I found hope and joy. When I was filled with fear and worry, He gave me peace. When I look back at the year, I’m incredibly thankful for a God who is faithful to His promises an who loves me just as I am.

2. Travelling is good for you!

I love to travel! Having lived in different countries throughout my life, I really enjoy visiting new places and learning about different cultures. I don’t travel as much as I would love (it’s not that cheap) however I see myself as a Global citizen. This year I was fortunate enough to travel to Greece, more specifically Corfu! I had an amazing time!! We stayed in the hills in this amazing little authentic Greek Hotel and got a chance to experience the Island as opposed to staying at a resort. It amazing how sun, sea, rest and some good Greek food can do plenty for you! I came back feeling so refreshed and so rested. Travel is definitely good for you!

3. People can be evil, but always stay true to your integrity

I’m that naive person that used to belive that everyone was good, deep down. However this year has shown me that some people are evil. You can be as nice as you can to them, but they will still be evil. However its important when dealing with these kinds of people to stay true to your own integrity. Bitterness and revenge doesn’t really achieve anything in the long run. Learn from these experiences and move on. You are not here to make everyone like you.

4. Do things you never thought you would do

This year I have found out that its important to do (positive) things that you never thought you would do. It give you such a sense of accomplishment! This year I leant how to drive after countless lessons (my dad thinks I am a good driver, I have officially arrived in life.lol), I survived a tooth extraction, I moved out of my parents house (Cue Beyoncé ‘Grown Woman’), I helped organize my family trip to Greece and I photographed a wedding!

5. Pause is not a full stop.

I have learnt that sometimes things we plan don’t go exactly to plan and that’s ok. In an ideal world, “a” would follow “b” but sometimes that doesn’t happen. You have to be prepared and equipped to change direction. Just because things have slowed down doesn’t mean that it will never come to life. Be patient, reassess the situation and press onwards!

6. People change.

It’s funny how we see these quotes or memes online about people being in your life for a “reason and a season” and it’s easy to like them but when the words come to fruition in real life, sometimes it’s hard to accept. I believe that change is good. It’s not always nice but it’s good. As you change, so do people in your life. Sometimes that change is not compatible and that’s fine. Just accept it as a positive thing and continue with your life.

7. Family

My family mean the world to me and without their support I wouldn’t be the person I am today. You need to hold onto and appreciate those people (family or friends) who love and support you just as you are as they are vital to your life. Love you guys!

8. Sisterhood is important

This year I learnt the value to sisterhood. Having friends, who are like sisters in your life who encourage you, laugh with you, cry with you, pray with you, pray for you when you can’t pray for yourself, help you when in need, always  and accept you in all your stages. I have faced some interesting extremes this year and I am so grateful for my sisters (both biological and through friendship) who have been with me through the highs and the lows. Their display of sisterhood has continually encouraged and challenged me about how I demonstrate sisterhood in return. Love you guys!

9. Find your voice

I’m not really one for confrontation. I would previously have said that it’s not part of my personality. However this year I have been put in situations where confrontation was necessary and speaking up for yourself and telling the  person your point of view is imperative. Confrontations aren’t as scary as I first thought.lol. Sometimes you have to find your voice and voice your opinions, not for the other person’s benefit but for yourself. Sometimes confrontations have positive outcomes sometimes they don’t but it’s important to speak your truth.

10. Joy

This year I’ve really appreciated experiencing moments with friends and family and finding joy in these moments. In our day and age it’s so easy to share every moment with everyone and not really take the time to experience. Also its easy to get consumed with sharing everything on social media however your real life isn’t reflective of the life portrayed online. I’ve been intentional about finding joy everyday and as a result I am happier, more positive and I enjoy both the large and the small moments in life.

I’m really looking forward to 2015 and I have my goals set out! I hope 2014 has been good to you, if you’re reading this you have made it through and I hope you reflect on the positives/negatives of 2014 whilst you get ready for 2015!

Lukeki x x x


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