3 Years Natural…So What?


Hi all,

Firstly Happy Holidays!! I hope you have been enjoying Christmas and are looking forward to the new year!

It’s been AGES since I posted (I know, I’m sorry!!). Life got in the way massively this year however my close friend and fellow awesome blogger Essie (Check out her blog here) has been bugging me to start blogging again so I’m starting as I mean to carry on. She also took these lovely photos of me – Thanks Boo!

So last month I was officially 3 years natural! Woop Woop!! 3 years ago I didn’t know if I would have made it this far however here I am, 3 years and I have learnt a lot. So I thought I’d share a few lessons I’ve learnt on this journey so far!

1.Taking care of natural hair is a commitment. You have to put the time in if you want the results.

2. You know better! When you are lazy and forget to prep your hair the night before, your hair in the morning will be a struggle. Be prepared.

3. Trimming won’t kill you. Sometimes you need to cut off the dead ends for your hair to thrive.

4. Don’t pay £60 pounds for someone to cut your hair without even doing a steam treatment or washing/styling it. Yup that was a real experience. Not all hair dressers are bad though, it’s just hard to find a good one.

5. Don’t be lazy with the headscarf/Don’t be reckless with gel. Your edges will suffer.

6. Shea Butter and Flaxseed Gel are the TRUTH!  They have both been good to my hair. I’ve been a bit of a mixtress this year and I love using natural products.

7. Cantu Shea Butter is my ride or die product! 3 years later and I’m still loving it.

8. Trying new products to find out what your hair like is great, but your purse won’t love you if you become a product junkie.

9. Experimenting with different hair styles is fun!

10. Make sure you know which hairstyles work for you so that when you go for event, you don’t turn out with a frizzy ball on your head at the end of the night.

11. Moisture, moisture, moisture! You don’t have to moisturize everyday, but make sure your hair is getting some sort of moisture.

12. A little laziness is ok. Sometimes you get tired and the thought of moisturizing/sealing your hair is too much. It’s ok, just do it the next day.

13. Gel can save your life on the days you are running late in the morning for work! Trust me!

14. Even though a little laziness is ok, consistency is key for growth.

15. Get a good regimen. This is important for healthy hair.

16. Love and accept your hair! Having hair inspiration is good, but hair envy sometimes leads to comparison. Your hair journey is yours, so enjoy your hair!

I plan to be more consistent in 2015 and get myself a silk pillowcase for those days I’m too lazy to put on a bonnet!

What are your goals for your hair in 2015?




2 thoughts on “3 Years Natural…So What?

  1. You are most welcome boo!!
    Haha don’t pay £60 for a hair cut. Lool!
    I need some flax seed gel in my life.
    My hair goal…staying away from weaves and just rocking my natural hair. I will be braiding more often now and doing crochet braids.
    Thank you for sharing. These are amazing tips!!
    Can’t wait to see what your hair looks like in it’s fourth year.
    x x

    1. Yes, avoid it at all costs!lol! Thanks for sharing your hair goals too! I’ll be doing a post about flax seed gel soon so stay tuned! Cant wait to see how your hair florishes in 2015!!x x x

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