2014 Bored vs Lazy


Happy New Year guys!

(I’ll pretend that just as longs it’s ‘early’ in the year it’s still ok to say that!)

As somewhat of a cynic by nature, I always find the early New Year and late December a curious time. People either seem to make declarations of New Year resolutions or seem to shun the practice of resolutions.  Now the motivations behind belonging to either camp are always interesting. Maybe sticking to resolutions never worked for you, or you like the idea of a new start, or you like pseudo insightful phrases instead; the one I saw doing the Instagram rounds which I particularly like is ‘I don’t make resolutions only goals’ 😛

Still the practice of evaluating yourself and how you did and how you would like to improve is worthwhile. I quite like the thematic take on it all, and my own self-study- first sparked about hair no less- got me thinking more wide scale.

Take the above illustration this sums me up pretty well.

Although I love bunning my hair, I know if I’m honest the main reason I do it so much is because I get lazy. Then I get hair fatigue and I feel bored. Making the connection between my supposed boredom and laziness was prreeetttyy eye opening. And serves as a notable life question: Am I bored or is this just self-induced boredom because I’m being lazy?

That’s what I’ll be asking myself this year, because there is so much to DO in life. New hairstyles to try (my first flat twist tutorial is coming up soon!), blogs to be written, jobs to be found (#thegraduatestruggle), neglected hobbies to be picked up, volunteering to do, new skills to learn, and just a whole life to be lived! Of course that can be a bit daunting or overwhelming but it’s far away from boredom…

Illustration provided by this funny BuzzFeed!


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