Happy New Year!!

Flat twist

Hi ladies,

Happy New Year!! Sorry it’s has been a long time!!(better late than never)

So ALOT has happened since my last post! I won the competition and went to the One Young World summit in Johannesburg. Woop Woop!!It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Trying to get votes was one of the most recent experiences where I had to feel the fear and do it any way. It actually works. Focusing on what you want and going for it without focusing on your fears actually works. Campaigning via social media was something that I found uncomfortable. I always rolled my eyes at those people until I was in the situation where I had to do it. I had to be that person posting on peoples wall, sending people messages, sharing via social media. To my surprise,people believed in my idea. People started posting about it on their own channels. People started voting. In the end I won! If you wold like to read about my experience at the One Young World summit, click here. I’m currently working on my project and scoping out how we will be able to make it reality so hopefully I will be able to share information soon.

I also traveled to Cape Verde with a friend of mine for the first time. I learnt the importance of going somewhere and being able to switch off. Being able to experience every moment.  It was definitely a great experience that I will be posting about soon.

Last year in November I was 3 years natural!! Woop woop!! It doesn’t feel like its been 3 years already! My hair is growing and I’m learning more about how to take care of it day by day. I’m also getting more and more confident at wearing it big and it’s only getting bigger. It’s weird how you get so used to the volume of your hair when you go natural. Such an opposite from the straight, limp nature that relaxed hair can have.

So what are hair my goals for this year?

1. Stop being lazy and look for my satin cap! In 2013 I was very lazy and on most nights didn’t sleep with a satin cap. As a result, my hair was drier than normal, particularly around my edges leading to breakage. I know. I knew better, but i always lose my satin caps. I keep buying them but the disappear, just like bobby pins. So in 2014, I’m hoping to curb this. If not, I’m going to find my satin pillows.

2. Be more strict with moisturizing and sealing. My poor hair suffered due to my laziness (see the recurring theme here?) so in 2014, it’s all about the moisture (I’ve been doing well with my deep conditioning though)

3. Be more adventurous with hair styles  where possible but where possible, do more protective styles. Sometimes i find myself doing the same styles over and over so I hope this year I can try a few more different styles.

What are you hair goals for 2014? What hair lessons did you learn in 2013?

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. The famous Bill Crosby once said, “It isn’t a matter of black is beautiful, as much as it is that… white is not all that’s beautiful.” I hope that his words speak to your hurting heart of acceptance. My goal in this life is not to redefine beauty, but to change what it’s built on. My blog series, is in hopes that we can all see that our black, white, yellow, green, pink, orange, and every color in between has beauty of its own.


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