Please vote for me!

Hi guys,


I’m competing for the chance to attend the One Young World Summit this year. One Young World is an organization that brings together young leaders from all over the world who are involved in/will be involved in leading change in the world, particularly around big issues.

Vote for me here:

The company I work for is sponsoring one person to go, however they have had to come up with an idea of how they will improve ‘their’ environment when they com back. My initiative is centred around improving self esteem in young girls. Being on my natural ‘journey’ has challenged and changed my views around beauty and ideals/standards we hold ourselves to. I’ve seen the power of being the alternative/offering the alternative and how that it encourages people to find strength in your strength to do something they wouldn’t have done before like big chop or rock more natural styles. It shocked me that only 11% of girls globally would feel comfortable using the world beautiful to describe themselves, yet 72% feel pressured to be beautiful. It doesn’t have to be that way, and I believe

my initiative can change that!

So if you have a second, please vote for me here:

Click my face, click submit and that’s all it takes. Lets make change together!







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