Graduation and Natural Hair


So last week MK graduated from uni – Woop Woop! Prior to her graduation, we were thinking how we were going to do our hair for the big day. We needed a hairstyle for MK that would fit her cap, We needed a hairstyle for me, and we needed a hairstyle for my youngest sis who is transitioning.

First was MK. She decided to do a Bantu Knot out.


She parted her hair into smaller sections and did bantu knots all over her head the night before, and took them down the morning of her graduation. Shen then fluffed it out so that it was a bit big, but still had some curl.


The cap was able to fit on her head. All it took were a few bobby pins to secure it.


Next it was lil sis, who’s transitioning. She usually keeps her hair in a protective style, braids, but she was in between having her hair done so she needed something she would feel comfortable rocking. She also tried bantu knots:


She then took them down the morning of the graduation. They turned out a bit fluffy so we opted for a curly puff.


I was determined to try Curlformers. I’d never tried them before and my hair was in an old braid out prior to applying the curlformers. I sectioned my hair, put some gel in per section and put the curlformers on. I didn’t follow any instructions, I just


They look a bit scary dont they? Ill do a more detailed post soon because I made so many rookie mistakes. However, they turned out fabulous.


I was very impressed with the ringlets. Imagine how they would look if I did it correctly? I separated the ringlets and fluffed them out. It was a hot day, so there was some frizz but by the end of the day I was rocking my big hair and literally not caring. 🙂


Natural hair is so versatile and you can do anything with it. So embrace yours, rock yours and frizz or no frizz make every day a good hair day!Till next time



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