Work/Life Balance

Hi ladies *waves*

It’s been a while since I posted on le blog. I could think of a gazillian reasons/excuses but out of all the reasons, the main theme is work/life balance. Since I started work, after being an unemployed graduate for a while, I’m dedicated to putting my all into work. At the time we were short staffed so I was working more hours than the 9am to 5pm; I get to work for 8am and leave well after 8pm. Doing that every day for week definitely has it’s toll.

By the time weekends rolled round, I was so tired so spent a lot of time “resting” also known as shamelessly sleeping and not being productive with my time. I was getting so run down and had no time for anything/anybody else. When I was at work, I was worrying about work. When I was at home I was worrying about work. Until the point I realised that this was not life. There should be a balance and a split. Also what accelerated that point was a brief spell in A and E.

So changes had to be made because life is about a lot more than work. Of course we need to pay bills and have money but one things that keep striking me is the fragility of life. We only have one life to live. I know that sounds cliche but, its true.

So a change had to be made and at the moment these are the things that are working for me:

  • Pray. I’m a christian and I find when I get overwhelemed with life I talk to God about it. Not only does it get things off my chest, but it gives me hope and peace about life.
  • Making time for myself. Making sure each week I create a block of time where I can reflect, think and chill (in a non sleeping type of way). Time to do things liek wash my hair, go shopping etc
  • Getting enough sleep. Making sure I have no less than 6 hours of sleep at the bare minimum. Most nights I get 7 hours and on a good night I get 8.
  • Being active. In my free time I make sure I do things I enjoy, like going for walks, helping my parents with the weekly shopping etc. I try to exercise as well when I can
  • Prioritize. Make sure I use the time I have effectively. As I spend about 3 hours dailycommuting, so this is downtime that I use.
  • Leave work at work. Being able to turn off mentally, and enjoy the time (albeit brief) that I have in the evenings

These are just a few things I’m currently doing and they are working for me. I’m sure they will change as  time goes on and as I continually figure out what balance means to me.

We do however have a lot of posts lined up so look forward to them. MK has final exams going on but she has been trying exciting things with her hair plus she has a lot of reflective posts coming up so look out for them once her exams are over. She will also be travelling in teh summer (the life of a graduate) so Im sure she will keep us updated with those as well.

We just want to say a big thank you to all of you who think we have something interesting to say. We appreciate you following and taking the time to subscribe.

Till the next post. God bless.



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