Starting off the right way!

Hi ladies,

Happy New Year!! I know we are well in to the new year but as its my first post of the year, I can still say it šŸ™‚ .lol. This post in theory should have been posted earlier, but life seems to be happening quicker than I’m ready for and before I knew it, we are in mid February.

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘hair goals’ and what I want for my hair this year. Last year it was all about getting used to my hair, learning about it and being comfortable in my hair. I didn’t set out to do that, but it’s what happened naturally and that was great.

This year however I thought I’d start the year off right with goals for my hair. My overall goal this year is length retention and more moisture and there are 5 main things I will focus on:

  • Increase my moisture input. Reflecting over last year I think I was a bit lazy with myĀ moisturizing and as I know my hair loses moisture,Ā I really want to up the levels this year.
  • Deep condition with heat. Last year one thing that worked for me was deep conditioning once a week. This year I want to deep condition with heat once a week as the heat will allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft better.
  • Pay better attention to my ends. As my ends are the oldest part of my hair I want to make sure this year I take better care of my hair when brushing, braiding etc
  • Protective styling.Ā  Continue to protective style my hair as this has helped me in the past but give braids a break
  • Pay more attention to the internal.Ā Drink more water and pay attention to what I’m eating.

For me, the above are a good place to start. I want goals I make to beĀ achievable and for me to see progress at the end of the year.Ā Overall I wont change much of my regimen. I will be open to trying different products to see what else my hair likes.

In the spirit of starting the year the right way, when I took out my braids at the end of January I did an intense deep condition and I trimmed my hair. I trimmed off about half an inch all around, my first trim since I big chopped. It felt good getting rid of those rough ends.

Trim, trim trim!

What are your hair goals for 2013??

I’m excited about this year and whatĀ adventuresĀ are in store for me and my hair. Till next time šŸ™‚

God bless,

Keki x x x

My birthday!! Im a February baby. Birthday hair.
Birthday hair!! I’m a February baby šŸ™‚

One thought on “Starting off the right way!

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