A hair-year in review

Big Hair

Hi ladies, Keki here.

2012 has been an interesting year for me. My hair has grown a lot throughout the year and I’ve learnt a lot about getting used to my hair/styling my hair and being confident. SO I thought as I reflected, I thought I’d put together a few points on things I’ve learnt this year:

  • I’ve learnt how to style my hair in a work environment. Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to work in a place that wasn’t as corporate so I was able to try some styles out to work. Not every style was a success, but through it I learnt not only how to actually style my hair (not always hide it in braids) but how to style my hair when I had work. I didn’t have loads of time every morning as I commuted into central London, so I had to learn how to prep my hair the night before/preserve styles in order to minimise the time I spent on my hair.
  • My hair grows. Sounds silly but I learnt that my hair does grow slowly but surely and if you have the right practices, you hair will flourish. Looking through photos Ive been able to see the progress I have made/how far I have come.

A year difference

  • It’s not the products but how you use them. This year I’ve been introduced to the wide community of natural hair beauties in the UK and started attending a lot of hair events and I got exposed to a lot of different new products. I can put my hands up and say I got sucked into the hype. One thing I realised is that it’s not the products, it’s how you use them and once you have found a regimen that works for you, then it’s easier to experiment and substitute new products.
  • I learnt how to flat twist. Earlier this year I attempted the flat twist. I know I probably do it in a strange way, but it worked. I used to do one big single one in the front or two big chunky ones, great protective style. Recently I got bolder and started to smaller ones and rocking flat twist outs. In 2013 I want to attempt a flat twist protective style
  • I learnt to be proud of my hair. I always used to wear my hair tied back. All the time. But one day I saw a photo on instagram of a Dutch naturalista wearing her hair out and she looked fierce. I wanted to wear my hair out too. The first time it was nerve wrecking because I felt like everyone was looking at me, but I did it anyway and I LOVED it. I started perfecting a technique with flat twists and now I’m not afraid to wear my hair out.
  • Moisture is so important. My hair really just soaks up moisture and I learnt that moisturising and sealing in moisture is key
  • Deep conditioning is important. Following on from my previous point, I learnt that deep conditioning is important and I now try to deep condition every time I wash.
  • Find a routine that works for you. Finding a routine is important, and was important for me. Wash days are simpler now because I have a routine that works for me at the moment and allows me to cleans, detangle, deep condition and style in the best way for me. I’m sure as I progress in my journey, I’ll probably learn faster ways
  • Listen to your hair. Nothing substitutes you knowing your hair. Knowing what it responds to and what it doesn’t, what it likes and what it doesn’t is important in your journey.
  • Don’t be afraid to have fun/make mistakes. It’s your hair journey and sometime you will get things right and other times you want. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t be afraid to have fun and spice things up as well so that it does not get mundane.

These are just a few of the things Ive learnt this year and Im sure theres more for me to learn. In 2013 I hope to retain more length and solidify my regimen/routine to know even better what my hair likes/ doesn’t like.

Thank you to all our subscribers for subscribing, commenting and following us on twitter. We appreciate you a lot and hopefully bigger things await in 2013 (including giveaways) 🙂 Thank you for your patience with us and I hope 2012 has been a good year for you. We are looking forward to sharing 2013 with you.

IMG-20121231-WA0000-1 Love,

Keki & MK


8 thoughts on “A hair-year in review

  1. I used to feel self-conscious wearing my hair big as well. I used to stick with headbands but now I love it big and curly 🙂 And flat-twists are something I need to practice! All the best on your journey.

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