RoseBox Drops!

Hi ladies,


Its been a long while. Apologies for the sparseness of our posts. We have been extremely busy – I’ve been busy with work/been ill (not quite getting the work/life balance correct) and MK has been busy with uni work. But we are back and will be posting regularly.

At the beginning of November, I had the pleasure of being invited to the RoseBox launch event. It was an evening where bloggers and vloggers were invited to learn more about RoseBox and the woman behind it – Rose. We were also treated to food, a free drink and cupcakes – including a special RoseBox cake that I missed out on because I had to run to catch my train.

So what is RoseBox?

RoseBox is a subscription service that allows the customer to sample various different products for textured hair both from the UK and the US at an affordable price. The aim is to allow you to find the products that work for your hair in an easier way that is friendlier to your purse.

How much is RoseBox?

£20 (excl P&P which is £2.95 – tracked)

How does it work?

You go and subscribe to a box of your choice. There are currently 3 subscription boxes available, a one off subscription, a monthly subscription and an annual subscription.

When can you sign up?

The sign up window for December is now open (15th December). If you sign up on the website, you will also receive an email notification letting you know when the subscription list opens.

What will I get?

Samples of different US/UK brands with at least 1 full size product.

My RoseBox experience

I signed up to a one off RoseBox subscription because I was curious about what RoseBox was and wanted to see what it was like before committing to a more regular subscription. I received a confirmation email that my box was dispatched on Monday and a couple of days later I got my RoseBox.

I was really excited to see what it was like (I loooove receiving mail. Its a


The box is very sturdy and I love the finish of the logo on the box, you cant see it that clearly from my photos but it comes across very well, sleek and elegant. Very professional.


When I first opened the box, the first thing I saw was the mini magazine. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. In the magazine there was a message from the editor, an ingrediants list of the products in the box,  a business spotlight – this edition its Hair Nine,  recommended reading – a book feature on ‘How I grew it long……naturally’ by Dianne Hall, A Diet section with tips of the month, an Oil of the month section (this month is lavender) and a step by step style feature – this edition its by Woman in the Jungle.

We also got a leaflet from Hair9 offering 20% off products/services

Leaflet advertising Curls


Underneath the magazine were the products! There were 2 full size products, a detangling brush and smaller samples. The following products were in the box:

Jane Carter – Wrap and Roll foaming mousse (full size)
Mahogany Naturals – Luscious Hair Milk (full size)
I love Afro – Coconut Butter Melt
Curls – Cashmere Curl Jelly
Curls – Cashmere Curls Leave In Conditoner
Design  Essentials – Daily Moisturising Lotion with Jojoba
Design  Essentials – Curl Cleanser Sulphate Fre Shampoo
Detangling brush


So my overall impression is this is a great first box. Personally (and it includes MK as well), there are many products that i haven’t tried before so I’m excited to try and review them. The overall packaging is great and so is the magazine content. The variety of products, from shampoo, to leave ins, to setting and styling agents, is great as well and address several aspects of hair care. I’m impressed and if you are someone who would like the chance of trying a variety of products without breaking the bank, I’d suggest RoseBox. I am excited to try all the products I’ve received.

If you are interested in the RoseBox visit

If you have a RoseBox let us know what you think 🙂

Till next time,



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