Travelling with natural hair + Mini product review


Hi ladies

I’ve just completed my first week in the new London office *yay* . The first week of October was the final week of my commute to Manchester.

As this week ended I was remembering how after taking out my braids, I still had 3 weeksleft of commuting to Manchester before moving home. I remember thinking how will I be doing my natural hair?

So I thought I’d do a quick post showing the products I used while away from home to maintain my hair.


The night before I left for Manchester (the first week of me styling my natural hair on the go) I was deciding what to pack for my hair. I usually use and swear by Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner but at this point I had run out and couldn’t find any in my area and I didn’t have time to go into central London to buy it. *disaster* So I was stuck. I then decided to pack Love Peace and the Planet Let it be cherry almond leave in conditioner. MK usually swears by it but I’d never tried it before. I also usually use Elasta QP mango butter as a pudding to hold my style and seal in my leave in. However my mum needed it and we only had one tub. So I decided to take the Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding. Last thing I packed was my jojoba oil to seal everything in. I couldn’t find my ecostyler gel anywhere in the house so I’d have to buy some in Manchester. Plus I couldn’t take my big silver spray bottle with me so I’d have to find a smaller on in Manchester.

The first thing I bought in Manchester was a spray bottle. This spray bottle from superdrug is AMAZING! It’s small yet it sprays well and is very handy for your handbag or for your travel bag. The next important thing I bought was gel. I called up my friend who’s from Manchester for directions to the nearest market because I’m heavily reliant on gel at the moment so I was so happy to find this cute little tub of Ecostyler argan oil gel.

So I had my little travel pack of goodies to keep my hair moisturised and styled on the go. I packed these products every week for my final 3 weeks in Manchester.

Its with these products that I was able to the the result in my big hair don’t care post.

So what do I think of the products?

Love, peace and the planet
I really liked this product. Although I’m not too keen on the cherry smell, when I used this product my hair felt moisturised and it didnt feel coated or heavy. Its cheap too, 3.99 from TK Maxx. I’d definitely recommend it and I’d use it again if I needed an alternative to my beloved Cantu.

Beautiful Textures
I LOVE this product. I used it once before when I went camping but while in Manchester I great to really love it. The smell is a tad strong but the results are amazing. It holds your twists/flat twists/braids and gives great definition to your twist outs and braid outs.


Ecostyler Argan oil gel
I LOVE this gel!!! I used to use the olive oil ecostyler but because I rely on gel a lot during the week it would flake and turn white. Trust me, it looks like you have dandruff. This gels hold isn’t as string but it means I can just spray water onto my edges during the week and put gel on and it will look fine till I wash all the gel out on wash day. It’s definitely replaced my olive oil gel.

All in all, at first I was a bit anxious about how I’d be styling my hair but my hair pack was amazing. I was able to maintain and style my hair very well. I was also anxious about using different product but I’ve come to realise it’s not the products but how you use them.

Hope this was helpful and please post what products you use when away from home.


x x x


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