Event Alert: H.A.I.R – History Attitude Identity Respect

Hi Ladies,

This event has come to my attention and it sounds AMAZING!! If you’re in the London area I strongly suggest you check it out.

Cornrows, locks, afros, jheri curls, high top fades and weaves though very different all contribute to the history of black hair over the decades. Each hairstyle represents more than just a look; they reflect the history, attitude, identity of Black people all over the globe.  Many of these hairstyles have even come to command a certain level of respect.

HAIR (or “History, Attitude, Identity and Respect”) is a new one day event taking place on the 7th October 2012 at Rich Mix, East London, supported by The London Borough of Tower Hamlets and The Rich Mix, which seeks to celebrate the various incarnations of African hair over the generations. By separating the event into a chronological journey HAIR will use art, film and debate to celebrate and communicate the story of black hair.

Spoken word and photography will be represented at HAIR, with a retrospective exhibition that tracks the origins of African hair, dating back from the 1400’s to the present day. Includes photography by Deborah Willis (Reflections in Black: A History of Black Photographers, The Black Female Body in Photography), Francesco Mastalia (Dreads) and historical prints donated by Dr. Sally-Ashton (Archaeologist at the Fitz-William Museum). Poets Comfort and Silhouettez In The Dark will express, in their unique ways what African hair means to them in this ground breaking event.

HAIR will provide a platform for: discussions around the significance of hair in the 21st century and a screening of the thought-provoking film “Black, Bold and Beautiful”.

‘The issue of hair is one that never goes away for black women. There is still enormous pressure to conform to the norm. One only has to look at the controversy around Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Gabby Douglas for proof. The fact that people (mainly from the black community) dared put her down because of her hairstyle, when she perform such an amazing feat is astonishing. It’s obvious that for some people her hair trumped all her talent, hard work and dedication.’ commented Nadine Valcin, Director of ‘Black, Bold and Beautiful’. This screening will be followed by a panel conversation with Sandra Gitten (‘the history of the afro comb’), hair care entrepreneur Belinda Raji (BeUNIQUE) and natural hair blogger Crystal Afro. Towards end the event there will be hair demonstrations led by Bespoke Hair Styles and ‘shape ups’ taking place in our very own barber shop!

Teanne Andrews, Event Organiser, by curating the event and developing this concept has produced a free event that will celebrate black hair in a new and innovative way that enables a wider audience to interact and learn about African hair. “There are so many amazing historical milestones to reflect upon relating to black hair and I wanted to capture them all, in one place, for people to enjoy,” Andrews says. “Whether it triggers a positive memory, or brings about a serious question, HAIR is the platform for this to take place.”

Really excited for this event!! Looks like there will a variety of performances, a variety of mediums and great debates around a topic that affects us as black women: HAIR.

More info check: http://hairbhm.eventbrite.com/

Tickets are currently sold out however walk in visitors will be given access after 2pm on a first come first serve basis.

Hope to see you there 🙂



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