Big Hair Dont Care

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick post showing a style I rocked last weekend when visiting Birmingham with some friends.

As I mentioned before, Im not usually a hair all out type of gal. For the past few months when my hairs been out, I’ve been loyal to the braidout but i usually wear it as some form on puff. Rarely would I wear my hair out. This was due to the fact that I was still getting used to my hair being up and out and not falling down as it used to when relaxed. However on Instagram, I follow alot of ladies with lovely natural hair.  Ive seen alot of them wearing their hair out and it looking good so I felt encouraged to wear my hair out more. So this was my attempt.

What I did:

I did 6 big flat twists the night before and took them down on the day. Im still learning how to flat twist but Im getting there. (If you dont know how to flat twist, check on you tube. There are alot of how to videos on there.)

What I used:

Love Peace and the Planet ‘Let it Be’ Cherry Almond Leave in Condioner (Picked this up from TK Maxx randomly while on a day trip to Sheffield. MK loved this so when I saw it I thought Id give it a go)
Beautiful textures Curl Control Defining Pudding

I took the flat twists down the next morning and this was the result:

Got some nice definition too 🙂



5 thoughts on “Big Hair Dont Care

  1. Hmm loving the look. Makes me feel like trying a twistout on my relaxed hair…a future challenge??…I think so (“,)

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