Announcing RoseBox

Hi ladies,

Im sure if you watch YouTube you will be familiar with month subscription boxes like CurlBox for example. This is a service where you pay an amount per month or you can pay a one off amount, and the company will send you a variety or selection of products to try. I love the concept because instead of spending money on alot of different products only to find out they don’t work (and as naturals we know that there are ALOT of products out there), you get a selection in your box of sample for you to try. Soon us UK ladies will have the same!! RoseBox is launching soon.

Finding skin care products is not so bad but our hair is another story (especially for us ladies with Kinky, Curly, Multitexured and Wavy Hair). There are so many products (good ones at that) coming out all at the same time!

One other frustrating factor is that every time we hear of a new product, it’s in the USA and not the UK! Ladies, there are plenty of GOOD UK Brands out there but are you trying their products?

All those with Kinks, Curls, Coils, Waves or spirals knows the work involved in finding the ‘right’ product and ensuring we do not waste money on products that are not suited for our hair type! We do need help sifting through all the brands out there and RoseBOX does just that.

RoseBOX aims to help you discover new products. We will introduce new brands, old brands and up & coming brands. We will introduce you to US & UK based brands that you may have heard of but not had the chance to experience how amazing they are.

Every month, we will deliver 5-7 luxury or full sized samples to your door in a simple, yet unique gift packaging. You will have the option of purchasing a monthly subscription or one off boxes.

RoseBOX goes beyond trying products. Not only will we be offering luxury samples and full sized products, but the content will be breaktaking and take note; we are not limited to just hair!

Ladies, a subscription service for you curls! You asked…RoseBOX listened and has answered!

I’m really excited about this. I cant wait to see what and how Rosebox delivers. I for one sometimes gets envious of our American sisters and the ease at which they can get access to new products. So this will enable us to get the opportunity to try a variety of products at the same time. Cant wait for the launch.

Keep in contact with the ROSEBOX ladies at:


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