There must be more than this??

Hi guys,

So a couple of weeks there was a lot of controversy around this picture of  Naomi Campbell:

When extensions go wrong: Naomi Campbell displayed shocking bald patches as she holidayed in Ibiza earlier this week


Now when these pictures first surfaced, there was a lot of noise around her hairline, weaves relaxers, black hair etc. There were people on both sides of the argument raising reasons and opinions for and against relaxers and weaves.

I was so reluctant to post this picture because I felt like I was perpetuating  the ‘look at naomi’ trend  ( I’m sure no one wants pictures of them in an unflattering position blasted over the internet) but I had to because when I see this picture one phrase comes to mind: ‘There must be more than this.’

This picture actually really disturbs me because when I look at it Im reminded that this level of hair loss in unnecessary. It could have been avoided. This is not a new thing. In the black community A LOT of women are facing this. I remember writing about this briefly when pictures of Serena Williams surfaced here. Its too easy to just blame relaxers when there are a variety of reasons as to why and yes relaxers is one of them as sometime hair is over processed and breaks. But so is weaves done incorrectly, or regularly done a specific way, or braids done too tightly or too small. It  also affects naturals, if you pull your hair into a puff too tightly, you can cause thinning of your edges. I’ve heard jokes about how when a weave is freshly done its so tight it feels like a face lift o_O What breaks my heart sometimes is walking around and just looking at the number of women who’s hairlines have been affected and are receding. Its not just women, I’ve seen younger girls. I remember seeing a young girl around 18 who had an inch wide perimeter of hair missing around her hairline.  Its so unnecessary and avoidable.

Surely there must be more to our hair experience as black women, than this! Surely there must be more that ‘black women’ and ‘short hair; being associated with each other.

This is not a ‘natural verses relaxer post’ because I find ‘us vs them’ conversations pontless an they just divide us unnecessarily (and as black people we are already divided in many ways). This post is just venting my thoughts around the rise of traction alopecia in our women. Its an ‘us’ post. It shouldn’t be happening. Women should not be balding at the rate I see. We should be seeking and demanding healthy hair practices REGARDLESS of your state of hair. Learning more about our hair and taking time to maintain it should be a priority for us. Our hair can grow. point black period. It can grow and it can grow very long, if we take care of it. We should start investing time and money into our hair. I’m not talking about paying hundreds of pounds for someone else’s hair, I’m talking about spending money on good products for your hair, knowing what your hair likes/doesn’t like. We need to stop hiding our hair and start understanding it. We need to learn the right hair care practices than will enable our hair to grow like not weaving in the same direction all the time, or leaving space between when you braid your hair.

There is more than this and I am encourage by the black women who are taking it upon themselves to learn and implement healthy hair practices.

God bless

Keks x x x


5 thoughts on “There must be more than this??

  1. Traction alopecia is what forced me to wear my hair in its natural state. If it hadn’t been for that, I’d still be wearing weaves now and probably end up with thin balding hair like a lot of woman by the time they hit 40 because of constantly wearing weaves. I shudder to think how I use to treat my hair before wearing it natural!! It was a blessing in disguise getting traction alopecia!

    1. So true. Not only are a lot of women bald by 40 but also not taking are of their hair (taking better care of the weave smh) doesn’t help them. We song help ourselves.

      How did you combat your traction alopecia? I know someone who was using regaine for it before but when she stopped, her hair stopped growing so she’s looking for an alternative.

      1. To be honest, I think I have a bit of scarring because I have a section that is a bit numb so although my landslide isn’t as wide as it use to be, it’s still thinner then I’d like. I’m currently on a hard core 3 month challenge using my hair boost elixir every night to see if I can Improve it even more. It’s definitely helped my friend who had thinning caused by thyroid and stress. We took photos after 10wks and it’s definitely more dense and she hasn’t religiously been applying it. Now she’s seen the results, she’s gonna make sure she applies it every day.

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