MK Posts from India: Human hair eh?

Hey guys,
So as i mentioned in my previous post MK is in India (Mumbai specifically), and has been for there past 3 weeks on a university exchange programme and she sent the following post!! So enjoy guys!!
MK before she left for India
Coming to India I expected a few things, yes getting stared at as you probably can correctly assume the numbers of blacks here are sparse; manic driving on the roads and being thankful for the numerous times I have survived being run over.
But the human hair question is the one I perhaps absentmindedly had overlooked. Still, walking along the Colaba Causeway Market, (a great place to shop in Mumbai, I have renewed love for the art of bargaining), every few stalls a man would slyly approach you in a manner quite akin to a drug dealer to then in a surprisingly hushed tone and a quick flash of a card say “human hair eh?”.
This exact exchange happened so frequently that eventually some friends and I took one such hair dealer up on his offer. What ensued was a hurried walk down some quieter streets where we were enthusiastically greeted and ushered into a shop called Africa Fashion.
Seats were taken and the glass door quickly covered up, to then have Sandeep proudly pull the hair from a hidden plastic container in the back to show us. When I say the hair was fresh you wont be able to believe how much so, it was as if the original hair owner had been shaved just next door.
Want a wig?
What proceeded was a break down of prices (which in true Colaba style are negotiable) then when we asked who his customers were he went on to list nearly all of Africa. Also, Sandeep assured us he was a London supplier too, to a Gambian woman who had a store somewhere in London.
The price list just for converting purposes 1pound= R80-85
The seller made sure to tell me it was human hair, from his own sister lol
All in all it was an interesting quite surreal experience, disheartening that most Indians assume that all black women want Indian human hair, but then again if this is all we show them then this is all they know.
More tales to come 🙂

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