Hair TLC: Deep conditioning with a Henna Gloss


Hi guys,

I just wanted to share my new hair challenge, I’ve noticed that as my hair journey progresses sometimes my enthusiasm mellows and wash day becomes something to be dreaded and I get distracted with styling when in fact my hair is crying out for real attention. Soooo  in a bid to rejuvenate my hair I decided to commit to deep conditioning at least once every week , and because in the past my hair responded really well to the amazing conditioning properties of henna (before I got lazy and stopped doing it!!), I am doing weekly henna gloss’ (a la CurlyNikki: Although this still takes time as is true of life and especially in hair care, time and dedication definitely pays off 😉

If you don’t know about henna feel free to ask and I’ll be delighted to answer your questions or simply visit where among other awesomeness they have the most comprehensive threads, FAQs and information you need to know before using henna on your hair.

So here is the henna recipe and technique I follow, as well as pictures so you can try it too!

You will need

Plastic cap, gloves, bowl, spoon


Green tea bags 4bgs

Honey 2tbls

Henna (100g, can usually be bought at Indian stores if not try online)





For the Henna Mix

  1. Heat two cups of filtered water to just before boiling
  2. Pour hot water into a lipped cup for easier pouring later. Steep 4bgs of tea
  3. While tea is cooling off add henna powder to plastic bowl
  4. Slowly mix tea into henna powder
  5. Mix slowly until right consistency i.e. mashed potatoes
  6. Seal and transport to bathroom
  7. Lay newspaper etc in bathroom room
  8. Shower and condition hair thoroughly want it to be damp not dripping
  9. Part hair into 2 sections
  10. Add honey to mixture, put on gloves
  11. Mix until consistency is of thick pudding  NOTE: For the henna gloss I mix 50% of the henna mixture and 50% of a moisturizing conditioner of my choice usually Aussie Moisture, Herbal Essence or Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Deep Conditioner
  1. Then pick a side and start from the back
  2. Smoosh hair through try not to manipulate the strands
  3. Work back to front until section is complete
  4. Complete other side
  5. Place plastic cup on
  6. Use cotton buds along hem of plastic cap to catch drips
  7.  The longer you leave it in the better, I usually henna overnight for this reason and because I love the colour pay off of henna
  8. Once henna is out from dunking head in warm water (if not henna gloss) use cheapie conditioner and rinse (as many times as it takes!!)
  9. IMPORTANT: Deep condition; apply deep moisturising (not protein) conditioner to wet henna free hair and leave in for many hours to help combat any dryness!!

I find I can miss step 9 when I do a henna gloss since I am moisturizing-ly (lol I know that is not a word) deep conditioning whilst the henna is in my hair.


Above: Hair after henna gloss


2 thoughts on “Hair TLC: Deep conditioning with a Henna Gloss

  1. Hello! *Waves*
    Im a fellow british natural like yourself, I forgot how good henna was too until I got lazy lool! (Your hair results Iooks beautiful btw 🙂 wanted to ask, do you used filtered water in your mix? If so. where do you buy it from in the UK? xx

    1. Hi Mide *waves back*

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your comment, it’s always nice meeting a fellow British natural. MK (the author of the post) is currently in India. But she said to say that she doesn’t use filtered water but she will investigate and see. Keks x x x

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