My Hair Oaths

Hi ladies 🙂

Im Subscribed to Wunmi aka Woman in The Jungle on the YT, and in one of her recent videos, she talked about her hair growth oath. These were certain things that she would promise to do for her hair for a period of time to try and retain length. Check her video here.

I LOVED the idea and it got me thinking about my hair, and evaluating how I take care of my hair, so I decided to come up with a hair pledges of my own.

Here goes:

 Keki’s Hair Oaths

1. Create a regimen and stick to it. 

This is important because a good regimen is *SO* important to ‘healthy hair’ and when hair is healthy, it grows. I’ve been trialling a lot of products recently, so I now have to create a list and stick to it.

2. Do a hot treatment every week (before shampooing)  This is good for dry hair and is good for getting nutrients into the hair. 

3. Do a deep condition every week

4. Make and use a natural shea butter creme.

I really love Naptural85′s journey, and I want to try her shea butter creme.

5. Aim to make  natural deep conditioners

 Im going t a Mixtress event *link*

6. Cover my head with a silk scarf EVERY NIGHT WITHOUT FAIL  

or sleep on a silk pillow case. This will stop my hair losing too much moisture.

7. Moisturise and seal EVERY NIGHT WITHOUT FAIL.

This will stop my hair getting very dry, and be replenished with water every night.

8. Pay attention to my ends 

The last chop I had was my big chop in September, so keeping my ends trimmed.

9. Pay attention to my insides starting with increasing water uptake and eating fish once a week

10. Clarify I need to clarify my hair once a month

11. Learn more about the PH of my hair and products so I can be using the right products in my regimen

These are my hair oaths for the summer. I’ll be doing this from now  until November because November will be my 2 year hair anniversary. So that gives me 5/6 months to try and implement this properly and see what results I get. I will be updating every 2 weeks and sharing my progress.

What are your hair oaths?

Check out Wunmis video, like and subscribe 🙂



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