Product Review: Toulou Organics

Hi Ladies,

After the Toulou Organics launch, MK and I went about incorporating the products we were kindly given into our routines. We thought this would be important to see how the products work after a while, so that we can give a good review on how the products actually work.

MK and I got different products in our gift boxes. For the skin I got the Jojoba, Papaya and Niaouli Face crème, Vanilla Pod,  Aloe Vera and Baobab body crème, and for the hair I got the Tropical Coconut shampoo soap, the Jojoba Hair oil and finally Sapote and Monoi de Tahiti hair butter. MK got skin products aimed at combination skin namely the Rejuvenating mornings seed oil and camellia face crème, the Milk spice luxurious handmade soap, the hydrating Shea butter and myrrh and the super rich Shea, cocoa and chamomile body butters.

The reason we got different products in our boxes was due to the fact that we have different skin types.

MKs Review:

The face crème didn’t work well for me as it seemed to although soak into my skin fast it didn’t much affect my oily t zone. That said the rest of the Toulou products I received proved great. They fulfilled all their mentioned claims. The face soap contains Shea Butter  and is one of the unique products that washes your face clean without leaving it feeling dry and flaky, a win win for those with combination skin.

Also the body butters could leave your body moisturised for days! Although initially a little thick for me the butters quickly melt to your body’s temperature and like all the Toulou products are quickly soaked up into the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. The product smells can be quite distinct but are not overpoweringly strong so if you’re like me and you don’t much like strong smelling products you’re in good hands with Toulou.

Keki’s Review:

So starting with skin products. I had 2 products in my box.

Jojoba, Papaya and Niaouli Face crème
This product is for oily and combination skin. It is described as ‘refreshing’, contains papain enzymes soften and remove dead skin cells. It has astringent properties to help balance oil production and helps reduce open pores.
It contains a lot of natural ingredients like Rose flower water, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Jojoba, Apricot, Hazelnut, Vitamin E, Papaya, and Niaouli to name a few. Niaouli oil is obtained is from an Australian tree and has a lot of healing properties including acne and blemishes.

I have tried a lot of different products for my skin and after the launch I wanted to see if this product really worked with my oily skin. I am a total convert. My face LOVES it! It really is refreshing. The crème is light so it is quickly absorbed into the skin moisturising it but doesn’t leave my it oily. My skin remains moisturised even at the end of the day. What I also like is that at the end of the day, my face is not as oily as it usually is when I use other products. I didn’t expect this product to eliminate my oiliness, but I love the fact that it manages it. Also people have comented that my skin is looking better. I want to try the Toulou face soap and the Toner now. I’m not good at pin pointing smells but the smell is lovely. Not too strong or over powering.

Vanilla Pod body crème.

This product is for normal to dry skin. Its an ‘excellent moisturiser’ and improves the skins tone and elasticity. It is rich in Vitamins A,D,E,F and antioxidants. Has a high percentage of omegas 3,6 & 9. It contains Rose water, Vanilla, Baobab, sweet almond oil, Aloe vera, Lavender, Sandalwood, Jojoba and Lavender to name a few. A lot which is good for  What I like about this crème is that it is light. Its not heavy or thick and it gets aborbed into the skin very quickly. When I use this my skin feels nourished and supple.  The smell is lovely, not too over powering or over bearing. Most importantly my skin feels nourished, soft and ready for the day.

Now to hair goodies:

Tropical Coconut Hair Shampoo bar.

This is for all hair types. It contains a blend of shea, jojoba, avocado, castor oils and coconut milk. It cleanses and moisturises your hair. I was really excited about this because I have never used a shampoo bar and I was curious as to how they worked exactly. Also I had a bad experience with a ‘sulphate free’ shampoo that my hair HATED so I wanted to see how a shampoo bar differed. I cut a small piece of the block and that was enough for my big This product cleansed my hair extremely well. There is not a large amount of lather, but I like that. It was clean and didn’t have that stripped feeling. It also left my hair feeling very soft. My hair liked it very much.

Sapote and Monoi de Tahiti hair butter.

This is for Dry and damaged hair and flaky scalp. Its for natural and processed hair. It helps promote hair growth, reduce hair loss and leaves hair softer, moisturised and the scalp nourished.
Monoi oil is rich in methyl salicylate which is a skin-soothing agent. It is a naturally concentrated emollient which penetrates the skin, re-hydrates the layers of the epidermis.  Sapote is rich in vitamins and minerals and is effective in stopping hair loss cause by seborrheic dermatitis. This is a product that is good for the scalp and the hair. After using this product my hair is very soft. It does not have a crème consistency, more of an oil consistency. It comes as a solid but melts in your hand. I’m very heavy handed with products so I used a lot of this as a result my hair was oily. You only need a little as it goes a long way. It contains shea butter, Monoi, Sapote, jojoba Baobab and Vit E to name a few. This product has a very herbal smell, but it’s not over powering. I love the smell.

JoJoba hair oil.

This is for all hair types. It conditions and moisturises brittle hair. Rich in vitamin ADEF to nourish the scalp and prevent build up of excess oil. I love this oil. It’s not just jojoba, this oil includes Avocado, Baobab and Vitamin E oils to name a few. All these oils are great for the hair. This oil would be great for a hot oil treatment. What I love about this oil is that it is light. I use it on my scalp and I use it as a sealant. I’m already halfway through the bottle. I love the fact that its one oil but has other oils within it and I can’t wait to try it out when I do my next hot oil treatment.

Just to note I love the elegant packaging of all the products. All the products are certified organic and are all natural. They are made from the highest quality and include many exotic ingredients such as Baobab oil, an African oil that is good for an itchy scalp or Niaouli with its healing properties.

It is clear a lot of care and effort has gone into the product line. Both MK and I agree that Toulou is a great line, one within which clearly a lot of care took place in its conception and which can stand resolutely on its effectiveness alone. We will definitely be purchasing products from this line for ourselves and our family members in the future.  These products do what they say they will do and we strongly suggest you give them a try :).


Keki and MK


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