Beautiful textures Launch Mixer: My head, my hair, my choice.

Last Thursday, Mk and I went to the Beautiful textures Mixer Launch event in Bar Soho, Central London. Tickets in hand we arrived at Bar Soho not sure what to expect. We were greeted by the friendly and bubbly Lukwesa of Gidore, the UKs leading one-stop Curly Natural Hair website (who we later found out was also Zambian *Woop Woop!!*) who welcomed us, we were given a goody bag and ushered towards the bar. There were alot of fabulous natural hairstyles in the room. We had a chance to network and meet new people.

Charlene Bastien, one of the founders of Beautiful Textures, then spoke to us about Beautiful textures.

Beautiful Textures Hair Care Collection was created on the premise of creating style versatility for mixed-textured hair to include curly, wavy,  kinky-coily hair patterns. It’s affordable yet highly effective new hair care line (products available under £5 GBP ). The ethos of Beautiful textures is that every woman should have the right to be beautiful, everyone has diff textures, every strand and texture is beautiful hence ‘Beautiful textures’. They want to educate women on their natural journey, because although it’s an individual journey we have a shared experience.

What I like about this line is the products have been tried and tested by stylists to see how it worked on a daily basis and the subsequent feedback meant that the company brought a product to the shelf, that they knew would work for consumers. They didn’t want us as consumers to be guinea pigs, they wanted to know that it works. They also wanted it to be affordable as a lot of products for natural hair are expensive due to the fact that they come from the States or because the natural ingredients are expensive.

On the products themselves there are three sections. The first section tells you what the product does e.g moisturise, the second section tells you how to use it (Directions) and the third section tells you which other products in the Beautiful textures line that you can use it with.

Next up was Felicia Leatherwood of Loving your hair with natural care.

Felicia has done natural styles on stars such as  Jill Scott, Kim Coles, Will Smith, Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, Hill Harper(to name a few), and work that has appeared in People magazineEssence, and InStyle, as well as in film and television, Felicia’s reputation is as solid as they come. She has been called the “Hair Whisperer” and has been known to help not only her clients but women all over the world to understand and love their natural hair no matter what state it’s currently in!

She had used Beautiful textures on 3 models (2 ladies and 1 man)

She straightened one ladies hair using the Curly to Straight Flat Iron Silkener  hair oil which is great for straightening, but it is also good for sealing in moisture in natural hair. On the second female model, she used tangle tamer leave in conditioner mixed with water in a spritz bottle to moisturise her curls. With the guy model, she twisted his hair.

Tips from Felicia:

·         Never take down double strand twists from the root coz your hair will tangle. Start from the bottom, twist it in the opposite directions from how you twisted it, when you see the loop use it to naturally untwist your twist.

·         A good tip for a twist: gradually twist the individual strands first before you you twist them around each other – give you more waves.

·         If you do a bantu knot twist out it gives you a curl and a wave. . You don’t have to twist your hair every night. Just go to bed with your hair covered or on a silk covered pillowcase. The next morning, the part that is flat spritz it with water and Tangle tamer leave in conditioner, strategically place double strand twists in that section, blow dry or diffuse it and before you leave the house and all will blend in.

·         Best way to get length is when it’s dry. So after a braid out when your hair is stretched, you can do twists and your hair will have length.

·         We have to be careful as sometimes water can be hard on our hair due to the added harsh chemicals in it, so putting tangle tamer moisturiser in a water spritz bottle is great for moisture.

Felicia also challenged us to take 2 days to be ok with where our hair is. If you have shrinkage, have a fro out day and not care. Look in the mirror and be ok with your hair. Want what you have. As little girls are looking at us we must be careful of the message we are getting across, it’s about healthy hair. Can we just say that Felicia Leatherwood is such a lovely woman. So friendly and bubbly and was willing to chat to us. We love you Felicia.

All in all we had a great evening. Met some lovely new people and learnt a lot as always.


Keki and MK


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