Toulou Organics

Last Friday, LK and I were invited by Kind of Blue Media to the launch event of the Toulou Organics Natural and Organic skincare range in Blackfriars.

Held in a great intimate location,Society City Bar and Restuarant, the evening gave us the chance to discover the Toulou Organics range and pick the brains of the essence and ethics behind the brand. Toulou is the Gambian word meaning ‘Butter’ and the message of ‘enhancing your skin naturally’ clearly resonated throughout the evening. The founder of the line, Andrea Lawrence, holistically introduced her products, had a question and answer session, gave us the opportunity to sample the products and remained helpfully on hand to advise on the correct products for us to try.

She was keen to elaborate on the fact that Toulou Organics Skincare was hand made and did not use ingredients such as parabens, petroleum or synthetics colours or fragrance. It was clearly evident that Andrea, was very passionate about her line and her motivation being the desire to produce products that ‘enhances your skin naturally.’ She says:

“Our objective is not to revolutionise, but to neutralise. The world is seeing a massive shift
moving back to basic and natural products. There is a desire for individuals to stop the
constant contamination being consumed through our food, makeup and skin care and our
product focuses on bringing it back to nature” 

The products include among them body wash, face toners and cleansers, body butters and crèmes, message oils and handmade soaps.  Her line was started because she wanted to provide a healthier working more natural alternative to the products available, and this deeply resonated with us because this blog originally started as a forum to provide an alternative view of natural hair.

“I often feel like a gourmet chef for skin. I get the best organic, fair-traded, cold pressed and
wild-crafted ingredients and spend many hours researching and creating products to address
the problems of dry, ageing, rough and dull skin. Our products are Hand Made, which is a
painstaking process as each finished product has to meet our high quality control”  

What impressed us was Andrea’s steadfast desire to let her products speak for themselves. With the absence of a big marketing campaign that most mass market products have, Andrea describes it as there being nothing to hide behind. No smoke and mirrors just nature and her secrets. So Andreas approach is you try the products, if you like them tell her and the team, if you don’t like them still tell her and the team!  Today many skincare companies use an amalgamation of artificial ingredients/chemicals, to create the ‘wonder serum’ for ‘eternally youthful skin’ or products that promise ‘healthy looking skin’.However, some of the ingredients can cause dermatitis, sensitivity, are carcinogenic (cancer causing),and in some cases speed up the ageing process. They only use the finest ingredients that retain their beneficial and therapeutic properties namely, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F & G, and minerals; properties that will feed your skin with nutrients to achieve healthy skin.

Andrea and I

They say its the small things, the attention to detail and this was very true on the night. The intimate venue fit in with the organic theme. There were mocktails (due to the organic theme) and nibbles provided to the guests. The packaging of the products is extremely elegant, and staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. Andrea was very friendly and we really appreciate the time she took to talk to us and advise us on which products would suit out individual needs. She has been in the skin care business for a long time and is extremely knowledgeable about the products and the ingredients themselves.

We had an amazing time and are excited about the goody gift bags that we were so graciously gifted with. Apart from skin care, Andrea’s hair care line has left LK and I very excited to try them. The hair care range consists of hair shampoo soap, hair butter and hair oil. Boasting the secret to hair care being the selecting of organic and natural hair ingredients that nourish, moisturise and condition the hair and scalp, the Toulou hair care line not only sounds great but smells divine! Reviews will definitely be coming up!

Thanks go to both Kind of Blue Media and to Toulou Organics for the invitation and congratulations on the successful launch!



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