Hair event: Naturally United

Naturally United

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to quickly let you know about an even called Naturally United happening this Sunday13th May . Im usually busy on Sunday, but I have bought tickets for this event because it will be a good one. I am even bringing my 14 year old sister because I believe she will benefit from the positive images of black beauty and hair. Here is more information about the event from the site:

From 11am to 7pm

The Address: St Mary Abbots Centre, Vicarage Gate, London, W8 4HN

Naturally United aims to infuse nature with beauty. With like minded people sharing their experiences and knowledge, everyone will leave the event with a different prospected. Naturally United will offer a great day that will allow people to make new connections, try new products, learn something new, and meet old or new friends! The movement of natural beauty is moving and we want more and more people to recognise that they can feel comfortable in their own skin, they are just as beautiful as anyone else and they should be proud of who they are.

With the big movement of Natural Hair, it has opened up a whole can of worms about other aspects of life and how to live a more fullfilling and healthier life. A big impact has been made on looking after Natural Hair but Naturally United looks to explore other aspects of lifestyle such as skin care, complementary therapies and nutrition as well as natural hair care.
The main aim of the event is to leave women feeling empowered about their choice to live a more natural life and to feel comfortable in the skin their in. We want people to leave the event feeling knowledgable and help them understand healthier ways to look after their hair and skin and promote products/services that can help them along their journey.
It will be a fun packed day with a selection of vendors, workshops, talks and seminars. Visitors to the event can look forward to the following topics being discussed.
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Hair Wellness/Safe styling tips
  • Nutrition
  • Discussion on media and body image
  • Inspirational Speakers
  • We will also have a fashion show exhibiting natural models combined with up and coming fashion designers and jewelry designers to show off the true beauty of natural women.
The day will be fun packed with things to do, people to see and products to buy!
It sounds great doesnt it. Here is the website link, have a look and come and let’s learn learn together 🙂


For more events check out Crystal Afro’s blog at United Kinkdom


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