That awkward length and length envy

Hi ladies,

Guess what. I am at that awkward hair phase. That’s right. The awkward phase where you hair is not classified as a twa anymore because it’s too long but it’s not long enough either to do everything I want. Yes ladies, I am at this stage and it’s frustrating because certain styles that would have been a staple with a twa just look a bit weird with awkward length hair. Also it feels like a lot of styles im doing are same-y.

In addition to being at this ‘awkward’ stage, I’ve been having serious length envy. When my hair was relaxed, it was long and I was able to do a lot with it and now I feel like I can’t do anything with my hair (even though it’s not true). Especially because I’m working, it’s harder for me to think of styles to do for work. It doesn’t help watching all these fabulous ladies on YouTube, whose hair is longer than mine and are able to do all these styles that I would love to try but currently cant.

So how do you get over the ‘awkward’ phase and the length envy?

Love and Accept Your Hair At It’s Current Stage.

This sounds very simple and you might be thinking ‘huh’. But that is simply what you do. Love your hair in its current state because yes its a bit ‘awkward’ and not the longest BUT its great as it is. Be happy with the fact that it’s growing and its healthy. Constantly thinking about what you hair can’t do, and trying to make it do what others with longer hair can do is futile. Focus on what your hair can do and how you can do these things. Its sound silly but experiment. Try new things with your hair. Switch up old styles. Use accessories. Know your hair and know your products. Know what your hair can do and what it can’t do, build up an arsenal of styles that you know will turn out great every time and that way you are better equipped.

Accept your hair. If you don’t, you will never be happy with it at any stage



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