Natural Hair and work

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been wearing my hair out at work and I’ve posted photos on the blog of some of the styles I’ve worn to work. This has been a significant step for me becoming used to styling my natural hair every day. It’s also been very challenging because I’ve had to try and get into a routine. I am not yet in a routine, but I’ve got used to styling every morning and prepping in the evening and trying to stretch styles.

My advice to ladies with awkward length hair and who have work every day:

If you fail to plan you will plan to fail.

Preparation is EVERYTHING. Prepare the night before. If you have a style in mind, be realistic of the time it will take you the night before to prepare, and how long it will take in the morning. Even if it’s just putting your hair in big chunky twists or braids at night just to preserve your style for the next day, this will save you time and effort the next day. Think of how you can stretch a style for the week to save you time and effort. So for example, you twist your hair on the Sunday, you could have a twist out for 2/3 days (depending how you preserve them at night), you could do a puff for the last 2 days or a bun or a roll and tuck. The possibilities are endless. Throw in some accessories and you have different looks and you can switch it up. Make sure to constantly keep your hair moisturised throughout the week and aim not to have too  much air manipulation because at the end of the day, you want healthy hair AND you want to retain length, so make sure you throw in some protective styles.

I personally wash my hair on Sunday afternoon, and either do chunky braids or chunky twists that dry over night ready for Monday. I then stretch the style during the week. I start  the week with braid outs, then mid week it puffs then towards the end of the week chunky flat twists.

It is literally is as easy as you make it.



One thought on “Natural Hair and work

  1. I so agree with you.. Planning is def key for looking just the right look the next day.. If u want to look good everyday one has got to plan it everyday.. Love it.. 🙂

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