Hair Styles: Flat twist

Hi ladies

I learnt how to flat twist!! I had been struggling to grasp this concept. I watched Fusion of Cultures video on the basics of flat twisting months and months ago and I sat in front of the mirror but I just wasn’t getting it, so i gave up. Last week Thursday was photo day and I did the Bantu Knot out Updo and that night I didn’t prep my hair. So I woke up the next day with crazy hair and not a clue what to do with it for work. I then grabbed my but of Cantu Shea butter, applied it to sections in my hair and attempted to flat twist my hair. I divided my hair into two large sections, flat twisted them then pinned the ends in. Somehow it turned out great. This is a great protective style as your ends are protected.

 Here are other photos of my flat twists:

Now that Ive learnt to flat twist, Im willing to experiment more with styles so we will see how it goes. Will keep you posted ladies. Definitely check out Fusion of cultures video.




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