Mini Milestone: Afro puff

Hi ladies,

This is a short post. I have a puff!! YAY!!! This means my hair is growing!! I know that sounds a bit silly, because obviously, hair grows,. However when you have curly hair, its difficult to notice that your hair is growing. When your hair is relaxed/straight, its easier as your hair is growing in a downward direction. When you are natural, you hair is sort of growing outwards so its a little harder, well for me anyway, to notice that my hair is growing. Hair grows approximately 6 inches a year (half an inch a month) so even if you don’t ‘see’ it is still happening. However if you aren’t preserving your ends i.e they are breaking off as quickly as your hair is growing then you will not see any growth.  I will do a length check soon, but for now I’m celebrating my mini milestone. 🙂


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