Hair Styles: Bantu knot Up do

Hi ladies,

SO last Thursday was picture day at my work. All the new starters needed to have their pictures taken. I had NO idea what to do with my hair. After pondering for ages, I had an idea. What about if I did bantu knots. I was inspired by Simplyuniques valentines day bantu knot out video). Yes her hair was significantly longer than mine but I thought why not give it a try. (Check out her channel, its AMAZING!!)

SO I washed, blow dried using the Denman ceramic straightner.

I then twisted my hair using Giovanni’s direct leave in conditioner and hoped for the best. The next morning it was a FAIL!! A massive FAIL. It just didn’t look right. I didn’t take a picture because I was stressing out. I had to leave the house soon otherwise I would miss my trains but I had NO idea what to do. This is the second time the bantu knot didn’t work out for me. Then I thought what about an updo (That was all I could do realistically because there was no way i was leaving the house with just my ‘curls’ out). Well desperation is the mother of creativity because somehow I turned that mess into a decent looking updo all in time for work. I just rolled the hair up and pinned it as i went along ( I used LOADS of bobby pins) and when I got to the top i made a sort of quiff – fringe and secured it.

 Here are some photos I took when I got home after work:

It all worked out for the best. Sometimes all you need is a lil patience and a TON of bobby pins.



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