Hair 101: (Natural Hair) Basic Tools of the Trade

Hi ladies,

I just realised today that I am 6 months post Big Chop!! Wow time has flown by. I remember waking up one day and deciding that MK would chop off my relaxed ends in September 2011 after 8 months of transitioning. I was done with dealing with 2 textures and my relaxed ends were thinning. It was not a good look. I started transitioning in November 2010 after making the hard decision to stop relaxing my hair. So 6th months have passed since I BC’d (16 months post relaxer), and I have learnt a lot but I’m still on the journey of education and discovery of what my hair likes and what it doesn’t. However what I do know is the tools that have helped me along my journey and I think these are some basic tools that every new natural should have.

Spray bottle

This will be key in your journey. As you know natural hair needs ALOT of moisture, and one of the  greatest sources of moisture is water. Having a spray bottle filled with water only or water with essential oils, means you don’t have to wait for wash days to wet your hair. You can easily spritz and hydrate your hair.

Bobby Pins

These have been integral to my journey. SO useful in slicking down hair and helping secure hairstyles. They are also useful in hairstyle prep, i.e securing bantu knots the night before.

Elastic Bands

These are useful in securing sections of your hair. Ive found these helpful when washing and detangling (to secure the ends), and when doing braidtout/twistout prep the night before. They help the braids/twists from unravelling.

Hair Pins

These are larger than bobby pins and they are extremely useful in securing hairstyles like updo’s.

Hair Bands

These are self-explanatory. They help you secure your hair during sectioning or styling.

Tights (not pictured)

As I am still at the awkward hair stage, I’ve used tights aloft. A LOT. I cut off the toe area and the crotch area of new tights. Or I just buy knee-high tights. They have allowed me to be able to do afro puff esque styles with my short hair.

The Denman Brush

This brush is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! My hair loves it. I use it for detangling when my hair has a conditioner in and it just glides through my hair and gathers my curls together. I know some women modify the Denman brush by removing every other row (You can pull out the red part of the brush and remove the bristles you want) you can space out the rows as this is supposed to be less harsh on your hair. Personally, I haven’t had a problem so far, maybe when my hair is longer that ill modify my Denman, but for now, it works well.

The Wide Tooth Comb

This is great for combing and detangling.

The Rat Tail Comb

This is great for sectioning hair and getting the straight lines you need for

Sectioning clips

I don’t know how you can survive as a natural without these. I use them ALL the time. They are SO useful in securing hair while wet or dry. I use them to help section my hair when wet whilst detangling and I use them when my hair is dry for styling.

Hair Accessories.

Hair accessories are great in adding a bit of glam to your hair style. This could be flowers, bows, scarves, hair bands etc. There are a lot of accessories you can play with in order to change your look if you get bored.

These are my top tools that a newbie natural needs to help them along in their hair journey. All of these have greatly helped me out so far in my journey and I’d definitely recommend them. Do you agree with my list? Are there any other tools you would add to the list? Let us know!

Happy hair journey!



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