Box braids and Spring Outfit of The Day

Hi ladies,

So my hair is at that awkward stage. Its grown past a twa (teeny weeny afro) and now is not short, but not long. Now I’m used to having long hair. After growing my relaxed hair to almost bra strap length from shoulder length, Im used to having hair to play with. So I found myself getting length envy, especially when watching videos on youtube by Nap85 and Alicia James who have my hair type (4a/b) and crazily long healthy hair. Seeing them do all the fabulous styles they do, I was getting impatient for my hair to grow. So I decided to put box braids in. Big chunky box braids. I used 4 packets of Expressions Kenekalon synthetic hair. I tried to cut the braids shirter because I mis judged the length and they were too long, but the ends came out funny looking and not neat enough. Ill probably leave them in for a month or two just so that my hair is protected out of the way and Im not obsessing over length. Ive already had them in for 2 weeks. I love braids because they are so easy to maintain and style. I’m also making sure to keep my hair moisturised using Cantu Shea Butter and good ol’ H2O because it gets dry very easily. Here’s a pic of my braids and a spring outfit of the day I wore to an interview.



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