Natural hair and Style: Solange

Yesterday Solange Knowles tweeted that she had a cover on Time Out New York Magazine. I LOVED the pictures. Solange represents to me that you can by natural and stylish, you just define what your style is. This seems obvious but at one point at the very beginning of my journey I thought that all naturals wore maxi dresses, with flowers in their hair and the listened to neo soul and loved nature etc etc.

LOL, stupid huh. Well I thought it. I used to think what will I wear with my natural hair, do I have to buy a new set of clothes etc… But the more my journey progressed, my thought pattern changed.

Natural hair doesnt meant you have to be a certain way, although yes there will be stereotypes and unwanted attention simply because you do stand out but it doesn matter. You do you, and you do you well!! That’s why I LOVE Solange. She does style so well!!

Hope you enjoy some of the other pics below. For more pics check her blog: 🙂



2 thoughts on “Natural hair and Style: Solange

  1. we are yin and we complement yang, the joy here is internally so may are changing on the inside first and learning to apply the laws of life gently and the difference is that we are more and more identified with our own joy. we let go of the pain of the world and experince joy…..naturally

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