Hair 101: Hair-ducation The basics of hair structure (Thanks to kimmaytube)

Hi ladies,

Firstly a BIG HELLO and WELCOME to all our new followers šŸ™‚

I was trawling through Youtube last night and finally got round to watching kimmaytube’s 4 part series on the structure of hair. She was a wealth of information that I personally find too daunting to go through all at once, but she is someone who has achieved great lengths with her hair. I hadnt watched them before so it was a bit of an eye opener and her visual representations helped me understand. I found them extremely useful, especially the pH video and that is something that I will try andĀ incorporateĀ into my regimen.

Hope you find this useful



2 thoughts on “Hair 101: Hair-ducation The basics of hair structure (Thanks to kimmaytube)

  1. Hi ! we met at h&m this evening and I decided to visit your website. Impressive. I have finally found another proud African young woman who like me believes in ‘creating our own standard of beauty ‘ which will be unbiased by the media influence. I would really like to keep in touch so I am definitely going to write to you by mail. keep it up. Cristabel.

    1. Hi Cristabel. It was lovely to meet you today šŸ™‚ Please keep in touch, I spoke to my friend and she gave me the name of the product so email me and ill let uou know what it is. If you are interested there is a hair event this weekend, celebrating our natural hair. Here is the link: Tickets are Ā£15 and will be sold on the day. There will be workshops, products etc. Im going and Im excited as Ive never been to such an event where women with natural hair can meet and learn about our hair. Hope to hear from you soon. LK

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