Being Natural….Stepping into who you are?

A couple of weeks ago was the biggest event in the film calender, the Oscars. Now I don’t usually watch the Oscars (I dont know why) but for some reason that night i was up into the late/early hours watching it unfold. My sister and I were discussing the actors/actresses and what they were wearing as they arrived. Then we watched as Viola Davis appeared on the red carpet wearing a stunning, emerald coloured Vera Wang gown. What was more fascinating however was what she had on her head, or the lack thereof. Viola Davis was ‘wearing’ her natural hair. I was gobsmacked. Here was a beautiful black woman who had decided to be herself at one of the most prestigious events of the social calender. the whole worlds eyes were on her and she looked AMAZING. Seeing a woman being herself with hair that looked like mine on such an influential platform was inspiring to say the least.

Listening to her brief interview on the red carpet, a comment she said struck me. She described it as ‘being bold and stepping into herself’. That summarized my natural journey. Being bold enough to chop of a perceived image of yourself. Being bold enough to be different from the masses on black women by simply being yourself and embracing what grows out of your head, Being bold enough to educate yourself and learn about YOUR hair instead of ignoring it, frying it and hiding it. Being bold enough to create your own standard of beauty instead of chasing and trying to achieve a look that you will never achieve without added help. Being bold enough to let yourself be yourself. Not the constant effort to be someone else. I honestly think that on this natural journey, you step into yourself. Stepping into who you really are, not who you are trying to be. You see yourself for who you are and there is this freedom in it. And as a black woman I think this is SO important, seeing and knowing who WE truly are. Yes its tough sometimes to pin down a regimen, or get your hair to do what you want it to do (especially if your hair is going through the awkward stages like mine is) or even when people look at you, but at the end of the day its all me. I’m deciding what I decide is beautiful whilst being me in the process. So I applaud Viola for the strength she showed by making such a statement by just being herself and asking the world to accept her as she is.



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