Coming Out

Hi everyone MK here, I’m Kex’s sister and the yet silent other half of this blog.I finally found my voice so here’s my first post for NaturalNotebook.

Having been natural for close to 3 years, most of my hairstyles consist of my hair being pulled back, put up and fluffed aka The Puff or just up in cornrows, braids or twists. You name it I’ve probably done it.  But as a resolution to myself, I’ve given my hair a ‘coming out’ this week. Even though its hella cold at the moment and my brains’ *Mario voice* c-r-y-i-n-g out for a protective style, I asked myself, why don’t I wear my hair out OUT often?

The answer if I’m honest is not just simply that it gets tangled, the ends brush against my clothes ya da yada yada it’s in fact the unwanted attention. It’s a bit disconcerting when you feel eyes on you, you start wondering if maybe you forgot to get dressed that morning and are in fact walking round in the nude. Then you realise…wait it’s my hair. There is never a more audible realisation that you’re different or ‘going against the grain’ than at that moment.

Still this is my hair doing what’s normal for it to do. Yep it grows up and out, sometimes shrinks up and has a tendency to look like a bush (on its good days it’s a cloud of candy floss).

But this is it and this is me so go on stare, and whether good or bad I know you’re in AWE 😉


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