Big. Chopped.

Hi guys,

Guess what…………


Who would have thought it. if you had told me about a year and a half ago that id be natural or big chop, id have self consciously touched my relaxed hair and laughed right in your face.

How times change…..

How did it happen? Well I have had my hair braided for the summer to protect it and because i was getting annoyed with having to balance the two textures. After I came back from holiday I decided to take my braids out. I washed it, deep conditioned it and it looked like this:

It was thick at the roots but thin at the tips. I had scraggly relaxed tips and I HATED it!!  From my point of view there was no point in keeping my relaxed ends. So i wet my hair (I had a spray bottle filled with water just in case we had to re wet the hair) I sat down with a towel and waited for my sister to begin. My mum refused to cut it, she didnt want to be part of it. She couldnt understand why I would want to go natural.

I was scared but I knew that it needed to be done, there was no way I had the patience to deal with two textures, the only option would be to braid my hair again, and I didnt want to. So I sat there waiting for my sister to just get with it already and then she just cut off my ponytail.


I was in shock. Surprisingly I didnt cry. I just swallowed and told her to carry on. About an hour later all my relaxed ends were on the floor. Then it hit me, there was no going back. This was going to be a MAJOR change in my life. And she just kept on cutting…

I walked past the mirror and I ducked. I looked SO different. I had a teeny weeny afro!! Me, afro???? But the more I looked into the mirror the more I liked it. Its different, but its a good kind of different.

My tips before you Big Chop:

1. Make sure you are ready.

No matter how much you prepare you wont be fully ready for that first snip, but make sure you have really thought about the consequences of cutting your hair and at least mentally picture yourself. This will help you not be shocked with the out come.

2. Once you have made a final decision, don’t look back

Once you decide and your are 100% (or as close to 100%) sure that you want to do it, go for it.

3. Prepare to be shocked

You will look different. Very different. But different isn’t necessarily bad.

4. Accept it

5. Enjoy it

You have anew hairstyle. Take time playing around with it, getting used to it, and styling it and have fun in the process.

Now I just need a regimen….. 🙂



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