Its been a while since ive blogged. SOOO much has happened, and so many new posts will be coming soon *excitement*

But… I quickly wanted to share something i randomly came across while on tumblr. Its an interesting interview of Kathleen Cleaver, of the black panther party,  back in the day, discussing her hair and the ‘Black is beautiful movement’. Now im not a militant natural, but this video begs me to ask the question: have we regressed? In the video she is discussing the emergence of a school of thought of acceptance of black people of themselves, of who they are.

Looking at it from the present day, it seemslike we have gone back to the place where we don’t thing black is as beautiful and we are constantly looking to other races to tell us what beauty is. This reminded me of the Marcus Garvey quote:

“Dont remove the kinks from your hair, remove them from your brain”

Heres the vid:



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