Hair-band = Lifesaver

I’ve never been a hair accessory type of girl.  I always thought they looked silly on me. Give me bobby pins and i’m good, my hair stays in place. That was the relaxed me. Now im a transitioner and it seems that the game has been shaken up a bit. My hair isn’t doing what i want it to do and bobby pins dont help me as much any more and ill i see is fluff, no more slicked down edges. The difference between the two textures is noticeable.

Ive been resigned to braid outs because that makes the two different textures less noticeable. Better blending. I turned to Eco-styler gel and although it held my hair in place, the gel turned white when it dried. Not very attractive as it looked like I had a patchy scalp. Let alone when pieces broke off leaving me looking like I had dandruff. This was a nono. In desperation I turned to a headband I was given as a gift, Lo and behold the hair-band became my saviour. This simple piece of cloth can be used to create a number of different looks. Im in love. Here are 3 different looks I did (ignore the fact that Im looking very plain, i wasnt going anywhere special. To make this a good look, have your make up on point accessories on point and this is a simple look you can achieve):



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