A bit of both.

I. Hate. My. Hair. Well not really. I just feel like I do. I’m almost 6 months natural so my roots are very very thick and then u have straight relaxed ends. Apart from the texture, another difference between the two textures is the rentention of moisture. My roots seem to get dry quicker whereas the relaxed ends retain moisture and can end up looking greasy making it hard to balance the two.

The first 2 months it wasn’t noticeable so I had my hair out. The 2 months after that I had braids so it wasn’t an issue. This last month I’ve had it out and its been hard trying to style it. I’m not getting my hair done for another 2 weeks so I guess ill keep on struggling. I totally understand why people big chop now. Having one type of hair is easier to manage than having a bit of both.



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