News FLASH……..Hair Grows?????

Im passionate about hair. Yes i’m very passionate about hair…..why? Well there seems to be a MISCONCEPTION that black haircant grow. Yes that’s right MISCONCEPTION, we believe that Caucasian and Asian peoples hair can grow but not ours???

So if that is true, how did mine grow from shoulder length to pretty much bra strap length???

I’ll start at the beginning, it was 2009, around March. I was frustrated and bored. My hair was about shoulder length and i felt and it wasn’t progressing and it looked the same. I didn’t have enough money for a weave (well a good one anyway, and I’d rather no weave than a bad looking one. So in my desperation I turned to google (thank God for google). I was then suddenly thrust into this secret world where black women had hair down to their backs – yes you heard me, black women and terms like ‘hair journey’, ‘apl’ and ‘hair regimen’ were casually banded about….

I found ‘Hairliscious’ (a black woman from Canada) on youtube and i fell in love with her hair. It was long, thick and healthy and what I wanted mine to be like. At first I thought she must be mixed then because seeing that length and thickness on a black person like me was foreign. But watching her hair journey video, I  saw that her hair texture was the same as mine (4a/b – afro – really tight curls ) and more importantly that when she started, her hair was SHORT, shorter than mine and somehow it grew to her bra strap almost mid back. So something clicked in my head, if her hair could grow that much and she’s black with the same texture as me then……….my hair can grow. I started to watch youtube videos and got inspired. I remember telling my friends and they were like “no way, thats not her hair, she must be mixed with something”. I joined Hairlista (a hair social networking site) I saw a variety of  women who were African, ‘pure’ African who had really long hair (longer than mine). SoI decided that I was going to take the risk and do it. If it didn’t grow then its was ok because i wouldn’t have lost anything.

First step: product hunting, little did i now I would have an encounter that would spur me on. So Im at university in Nottingham so I went to the city centre with my friends and I to get the hair products that I saw on ‘Hairlista’ and Hairliscious’s  youtube channel and I ended up in this hair shop. I got into a conversation with the owner of the shop, a mixed race man, who was very rude when I was asking him for products which he didn’t have. He then got curious as to why I was asking, and when I told him I wanted to grow my hair, he kind of laughed and looked at me in a pitiful way. He then asked me if my parents hair was long and proceeded to tell me in a round about way that I should accept that  my hair wouldn’t grow and then he said something that shocked me even more: “our only hope is to mix the blood a little so our children can have good hair”. I was GOBSMACKED!! Literally. I was speechless and in shock. Did this man really tell me that because I was black my only hope to have ‘GOOD’ hair was to MIX my blood with someone non – black?!?!?!??! I couldn’t respond. Like I couldn’t. I just left the shop but I was PISSED OFF!! I knew that there was no point in getting into an argument with him because that is what he strongly believed. He was more interested in selling weaves than trying to sell me products that could actually grow my hair. I couldn’t believe it, but that is what the majority of us believe. I didn’t want that, I wanted my hair to grow. I didn’t want to rely on weaves or braids, I wanted my hair to be long and health and IF I decided to get a weave, then it would be because I wanted to not because I HAD to. (im against weaves but that’s a whole other post)

It doesn’t make sense to me. If biologically hair grows about 6 inches a year (half an inch a month), regardless of whether you are white, black or asian then 6 inches max must be growing out of my head every year but I must be losing it somehow. If I could retain at least half of that then I would be making progress right?? So I set off on my hair journey. Yes it was long, but you have to put the effort in. If you won’t put the effort in then you will not get results. In a year my hair had grown so long and thick and people began to notice and give me compliments. My hair was the length of the weaves I used to get. The pictures speak for themselves. I am not mixed. AT ALL. I am you bog standard black person with thick ‘kinky’ tightly curled hair, and my hair was able to grow.

Everyones hair grows, it just depends on whether you want to put the effort in.



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