The norm??

I havent posted in aaaages and im sorry ūüė¶

Ive been busy with life, but thats another blog post!!!

Sooo i dont want this blog to be just about hair, i love fashion, travelling, music, poetry and photography too… but Isaw an interesting quote on facebook today from one of my friends:

‘Is it normal to be a lifelong, happy paying customer to a doctrine that profits off of the belief that your hair is an ugly mistake that must be corrected? Is it normal to look at your daughter and tell her that her thick, kinky hair is beautiful when you straighten yours every 2-3 months? Re-think normal my African sistas..”

And the deepness and truth of this quote struck me….. As ¬†black females from a young age this is the¬†subconscious¬†message we get, our hair needs to be ‘dealt’ with, it needs to be changed and black people are not even profiting from the sales of relaxers…. Its definately a LIFELONG commitment……LIFE LONG and I dont want that for myself, dont want to be chained to the fact that i will have to relax my hair ¬†every 6 – 12 weeks for the rest of my natural life…..NO WAY that is looong. Also im a person who does science (not a scientist) and what astounds me is that no tests have been done to study the long term usage of relaxers on the scalp. It is a chemical *raise your hands if you have been burnt by relaxers*, yes they are safe to use but whats the long term damage?

Another art of the reason im going natural is because of my daughters…….SIDE NOTE: i dont have any daughters at the moment, ¬†but God willing I will have many ūüôā *amen*……… and i know they will grow up in the west at some point. How will i as their mother be able to tell them that being black is beautiful and that their hair is beautiful if my hair is straight?

Im not bashing relaxers at all, im a former relaxer dependent individual. I appreciate them as a style choice, my issue is that for black women its not a style choice but the norm and that is what I do not agree with.



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